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Far Cry 4 (Xbox One) Review

After finishing my playthrough on Doom I started to play this game but when Fifa came out I wanted to do nothing but play the journey for quite a while but now that I have finished that I have come back to Far cry and just finished the main story. So what did I think of this game?


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Oblivion by Anthony Horowitz Review

This is the final book in The Gatekeepers series and it has been something I have been meaning to read since I finished the 4th book in the series but somehow I read 8 books before finally getting around to reading this. So what did I think of the finale in this series??


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Fifa 17 (Xbox One) Review

The fifa game have never been a big love of mine, as I never saw the point of having the same game come out every year and nothing being different about them other than updated squads and updated graphics. However this year this fifa came out with a story mode, this is the first time that a Fifa game has ever had this and it got me interested in the game from the very start. I have finished the story mode of the game and it is now time for me to review the game.


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Lies by Michael Grant Review

I am finally onto the third book in the series, even though I said I was going to try and read this book next quite a few had somehow made it infront of this. However I am now back and just finished the book so what did I think of the book?


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Qudditch Through The Ages by J.K.Rowling Review

This is part of a mini series of books that have been created for the purpose to support charities. There are three books that revolve around the Harry Potter world. The main purpose of the books is to give more information to the wizarding world while also any money made from the books goes straight to Comic Relief and Lumos.


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The Escape by Robert Muchamore Review

This is the third series that is based around the Cherub story line that Robert Muchamore has created and is the final series on Cherub I am going to be reading due to Robert Muchamore not making any more of the series. This series of book (Henderson Boys) is the prequel to the first series as it shows how Cherub became a thing. So will this series which is set in world war 2 be as good as the other series I suppose you will have to read on to find out.


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Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone By J.K.Rowling Review

It was during a trip to Waterstones I noticed that there was a new cover of the harry potter books and seeing how I don’t own any of the physical copies I had to go out and buy the first book and make my way through the series again.


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American Monster by Derek Landy Review

If I wasn’t in Waterstones in the last few days then I wouldn’t of known that this book was out, which is odd as I had just recently checked to see the release date and I was sure it wasn’t coming out till next year. But I bought the book right there and then and now ive finished now I have some spare after finishing Doom


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Doom (2016)(Xbox One) Review

 So recently I decided on trading in my 3ds and all the games I had for it because I hadn’t used it for months and didn’t plan on buying anything for it any time soon. So with the money I got for trading that I had more than enough for an Xbox one and a few games. One of the games I decided to buy was Doom. This is a game I have wanted to play for some time now so after first getting home and starting the game it is the next day now and I have managed to finish the game and it is time for my review of the game.


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