The Last of Us Review

My review of The Last of Us!


If you are trying to do a bit of research on if you should or shouldn’t buy this game then let me tell you right now BUY IT NOW!!!

That will help save you from reading this whole review, but for the people who want to know what other people think of a game then keep reading and enjoy.

When looking for a new game to buy I was looking through the Game website and The Last of Us came up and I thought it is cheap enough let’s give it a try. So of course as soon as it arrived in the post the first thing I did was play it.

Now every little thing about this game I love, I wasn’t expecting it to be so good. Normally when a game has been hyped up by so many people I don’t look forward to playing it. However this is one of the few exceptions.

Why do I love this game

Well the reason why I love this game mainly is the story and how unusual it is for a big game. It is one of those stories were if it was in a book you wouldn’t put it down and that’s why I played the whole game in about 4 days that is including going to school and work. I won’t be doing any spoilers in here as it won’t be fair on the people who haven’t had a chance yet to play the game as I know I hate spoilers.

The way it looks is easily worth the £20 I paid for the game as normally you wouldn’t see graphics like this on an old gen console and I simple can’t wait to play the re-mastered version for the PS4.

The story is basically a zombie apocalypse story but so much better. After playing the game for about 10 minutes and this is when you will be hit with the feels. The story in a sentence would be one man has to take the cure of the apocalypse to the people who can use it to save the world. (For the people who have played the game yes I know it is more complicated than that)

You feel connected to the main character ‘Joel’ as soon as the game starts which in my own opinion is great as in most shooting games you barely even get to know the main characters name. The Last of Us is not a normal shooting game as it also is part horror, part action part RPG and to be honest I think this is a great match up of genres.

The music in this game is perfect in all the right areas. Unlike most games it is just suspenseful when something major is going to happen it is suspenseful all the time which make the game feel that much better as while looking out for ‘zombies’ that can come for anywhere to try and kill you.

The controls of this game feel amazing as it feels that each button was perfectly used for that action. I like the way you are able to change your weapon using the arrow keys which makes for quicker gun changes when you have ran out of ammo.

Things I don’t like about this game

There is only one thing about this game I don’t like and that is that it get suddenly hard on the last level of the game out of nowhere. I’m not saying the whole game is easy but I played on normal and only died a handful of time but as soon as the final chapter start that death count almost quadrupled and the only way in which I could manage to beat the level was by going onto easy and setting automatic aiming which allowed me to beat the rest of the game without dying once. If they maybe reduced the number of enemies by maybe 10 then yes I could probably beat it on the harder levels.

Even though this isn’t something on the game that I hate it is something that I wished they would include and that is a hunger meter. It is the ‘end of the world’ and food is running low however the characters in game never seem to eat expect for one cut scene which is about 2 months into the game.  If this was in the game then I could see it being more realistic but either way I still loved the game.

Anyway guys this is my first full review of a game and you can expect many more to be coming soon. I plan on getting one game review out every week if not more depending on how many games I complete that week.

I would also like to thank by best friend Abby with her help on redesigning the blog and making my about section 🙂 she makes a fashion based blog so Ill like that below so go and check it out.


Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi I’ll see you next time

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