Far Cry 3 Review

Far Cry 3 Review


I have played through this game twice on 2 different controls and each time I played through the game I have had a different experience with the game, so hopefully I am qualified to make a good review on this game.

This game in my opinion is different from a lot of other first person shooters as it has different aspects you wouldn’t normally see in this genre. My favourite aspect if the RPG sub-genre it contain as when you have made a few kills or gotten a few headshots then you will get a skill point in which you can choose to upgrade a certain area such as being able to make a takedown and then be able to throw your opponents knife into another opponent or whether you want to be able to swim for long without having to come up for a breath.

The story in this game is amazing and is one you won’t see in any other type of FPS, the reason for this is because most FPS such as Call of Duty don’t really care about the story and only cares about their online game where they can make more money, with getting people to buy map packs and other DLC. While there is some DLC in far cry 3 it is mostly all based around adding in more story missions for you to play.

My favourite part of the game is that even though the story missions is the main part of the game you can spend over 4 hours not doing a single mission but still progress through the game. One way in which you are able to do this is by going and collecting some collectibles or going to a radio tower to increase of how much of the map you are able to see. On my first play through of this game I played it for about 15 hours and collected all radio towers and won all rival camps, but when I played the game again on my ps3 I didn’t do any of this and just focused on completing the story as fast as possible and this took me exactly 7hr 53 minutes. While I did enjoy my first play through of the game more then on my PlayStation 3 this is only because it was my first time seeing a game like this and I fell in love straight away.

Another aspect about this game I love it the animal hunting, the reason for this is because if you want to be able to carry more guns, money or even more medicine then you are going to need to kill animals and take their skins. This can take about 2 hours to be able to find all the animals that you need and to craft the equipment.

As of right now I haven’t had the chance to play far cry 4 but I have got it ordered and it should be here soon but as long as they keep the same aspects of the game then I know I will love this game.

However the thing about this game that gets me every time is the ending. This is because you are able to choose between two ending and both are very different from each other. It makes people think about how their character has developed through the game and what decision they think they would make. Would you kill your friends to stay with a tribe who respect you and think you are all powerful with a beautiful girl who is in love with you or would you stay with your friends who trust you and are thankful to you for saving your life and staying with your actual girlfriend? Me being the nice guy I choose staying with my friends and going home. But it wasn’t until I switched my Xbox off that I wondered what the other outcome would of looked like so I had to find it on YouTube  as I didn’t fancy playing through the game again for the ending (I have done it since though).

Both endings of the game are amazing and I won’t spoil anything else about the game so it will give you the chance to be able to see what you would do with your own play through.

Before I finish this review I want to say that I am glad I’m back and I am able to write more than ever and I think in a better quality. That is why I ask you to comment what games you would want to see me play that is either on the 3DS or the PS3 as they are my current consoles. I will also make a promise that to every person commenting a game I will have the review ready within two months or slightly longer depending on the game.


Anyway this is Aaron Morrsi and I will see you next time.

far cry 3 review Game Game Review Review


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