InFamous Review

InFamous Review


Well before I get into this review I just want to say one thing… THIS GAME IS FUCKING AMAZING!!!

Now for the actual review. As you could probably tell I really like this game and from what I had saw from other people I really wasn’t expecting to.

I’ll try and put the story as simple as I can in as few words as I can.

This group of people tricked the main character into taking a special type of bomb (Ray Sphere) into the middle of his city and setting it off. He did so and killed a couple hundred people and causing his city to go into quarantine with radiation poising. Because of the radiation he managed to get powers specific to the electric type. At first he uses his powers to make his city a better place and taking out as many gang members as possible. The whole time he thought he was the only other person with powers but there were 2 others.

That is where I am going to stop because I really don’t want to spoil the game for you to much and I encourage you to go and play it.

For me to like this game so much, especially seeing how it is an old game you aspect there to be many different features I would like. You are correct.

I’m not exactly sure how but when I play this game I get a 3rd person shooter feeling which also has action and RPG elements into the game. I said this in my far cry 3 review but this appeals to me a lot. This might sound a bit childish but I love all the flashing colours and it makes sure my eyes are on the game at all times. This might not be a problem for most people but for me and my ADD this is a big plus in my book.

Not only is the gameplay of this game great but the story is amazing which is a big plus and something you don’t see in most big budget games (Yes im looking at you Call Of Duty)

There are a few downsides of this game and these are just little bits which I personally cant do in most games haha but the jumping system in this game is either really good or really terrible. For example when trying to jump from building to building then it will be great but the second were I need to jump to save my health it doesn’t work and then I don’t even jump.

The graphics in this game are amazing especially for a game that is not even made in this decade. The game itself is pretty dark as there isn’t a lot of sunlight but I personally think this makes the game that much better as to me if the game was all bright then I the game wouldn’t have me hocked as it would.

While playing this game I didn’t play a single other game except clash of clans on my phone.

Anyway thanks for reading this and this is Aaron Morrsi and I’ll be seeing you later

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