Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Review

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphie Review


Hey guys welcome back to another review. This time I am choosing to review on of my favourite game series and if you couldn’t tell by the title it is Pokemon and if I was going to review a pokemon game of course it has to be the newest one.

So how do I like this game, well for me it is Meh, I don’t not like this game but I didn’t fall in love with this game like I have with every other pokemon game I have played. For me I normally really like the remake games as I loved Heart Gold and Fire Red but for me this game wasnt anywhere near as good as those.

I love 6 gen especially in x and y as when I first saw those graphics I was so happy in how much pokemon has changed since the begin where the game was black and white. But when I started up Omega Ruby I didn’t get that feeling. For me the pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald where me least favourite gen mainly because I hated how much water there was and how many pokemon had to have HMS to progress in the game and none of this was changed in the remake so this might be down to how I feel about the game.

In each game there has been an update of sorts on the graphics but with ORAS games I cant see anything that has changed. The graphics in this game are exactly the same, all the pokemon sprites are the same and to me this pisses me of so much. I have seen many reviews from so many different people saying how much they love this game and to me it is basically the worst game Nintendo have made.

When I have a new pokemon game I normally complete it within the first 2-3 days depending on how busy I am, however for ORAS it took me 4 weeks and even then I had to force myself into completing the game. I got to the 5th badge about to take on Norman and then I didn’t play the game for 2 weeks after. This is something I have never done with any game.

If Gamefreak do make another remake which I guess will be diamond and pearl if they keep going on with their current track record with 1st,2nd ,3rd gen all having remakes now I hope they dont ruin gen 4 for me. I love gen 4 and behind gen 2 it is my favourite as it is the game that got me back into pokemon from the horrible gen 3.

I do like the feature with Latios and Latias where you are able to soar around and look for legendary spots but that doesn’t make an increase of my score for this game.

Another feature of this game that I really don’t like is the bottom screen all together. When you are outside of a battle then the screen can be changed and when I heard this I was all for it as it does get boring looking at the same screen again and again. However what they gave to the bottom screen was useless. I don’t care about where I am in the world or what is happening on the buzz feed. What I really wish they put onto the bottom screen was a detailed look at your pokemon, for example it could tell you how much exp is needed for a level up or how many more evs are needed till a stat is filled or even tell you what level their next level up move it going to be.

I do know that this game target audience is for 8-16 year old but recently in the last two games Nintendo have went backwards from the amazing generation 5 with the amazing story and actually being a challenging game to something that is made just for kids and people can beat the games with their eyes shut.

Both generation 6 games are far to easy and they did this because ‘It is a new console and it might be a persons first time playing the game’ however what about the people who have been playing the game for 12 years like I have I know just about everything about pokemon why isn’t the challenge mode back from gen 5. Having this addition to the game might of made all the difference for me but once again Nintendo have let me down.

For me this is the worst game that Gamefreak have ever made and I really don’t want to keep it in my collection and that is why I am trading it in soon to get something that is potentially better. Maybe the new Zelda or Monster Hunters

If you want to pick up Pokemon Omega Ruby then here is a link for you:

Pokemon Omega Ruby

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

Aaron Morrsi

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