Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo Review

Super Little Acorns 3D Turbo Review


Don’t even ask why I bought this game as I don’t know, I saw that I had £3 on my eshop account and this game cost £2.99 and it looked fun so I thought why not.

Anyway this is the type of game that you don’t have to take seriously one little bit. In my opinion I think it was a game that you could do a level every know and then depending on your mood or if you really feel like it you could complete the game in one sitting. In total I played this game 21 time on avergae 9 minute a go. In total I played this game for 3 hrs and 17 minutes and have just finished the game.


As you can see in the picture I started this game on 21st September and finished it 9th march so there is quite a bit of difference between the start and the end.

Anyway onto the actual game and what I think of it

this game reminds me a lot of a mobile game as it is something not to be taken to seriously but every now and then if you fail you want to through your ds through a window which I was tempted to do over a few levels I had trouble with.

Overall this game is a really cute game that will attract the attention of a lot of people, the main reason why it attracted my attention was the fact it is classed as a platformer and I didn’t fancy playing Mario.

The main plot of the game is to collect as many acorns as possible so a squirrel family will have enough to eat through the winter. Overall there are 3 years in the game with each year having 20 levels. You are timed on each level to collect all the acorns and get to the door. In some levels you will have the added difficulty of finding your babies as well as the acorns which is where I started having some trouble with the game. For the people who like to 100% a game there are 3 other challenges per level.

  • Collect all pieces of fruit (Can only be done once all the acorns have been collected)
  • Speed run (Complete the level as fast as your can)
  • Defeat all enemy’s

as you can see in this one little game there is something for everyone know matter what you like from a game.

The music in the background is pretty good even though I wish when you are running out of time the sound wasn’t lowered and replaced with a ticking clock as I found it quite annoying.

In every year there is a boss battle where you beat a boss to the door simply enough and the only challenge is not getting hit by your enemies.

The more you play the game the more achievements and un-lockables you can get which you can use to customise your character. For me this makes me feel that the game should have been a lot more expensive then what they are selling it for.

Anyway for me this is a great game and I hope they bring out a sequel, no idea what they would do with another game. I do rate this game very highly with a 9.4/10

Anyway guys thanks for reading and this is Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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