Super Mario 3D Land Review

Super Mario 3D Land Review


Well it didn’t take long for me to complete game as it was quite short so here is a review I didn’t expect to write for a few more days’ haha.


Anyway onto the actual game.

As I said in my gaming haul I haven’t played a Mario game on my 3ds since I got it in 2012 but I didn’t play a few on my DSlite so for me being able to not just got to the left and right in a Mario game on a handheld console is quite amazing.

Just like almost all Mario games there isn’t any actually speech in the game expect for the occasional ‘Mario’ so there isn’t a lot to talk about on voice acting but the sounds aren’t out of sync which is great. From what I am able to remember o the older Mario games the noise of you hitting the ground would happen slightly after you have hit the ground. This seems to have disappeared in 3D land which is a thing I am thankful for.

The graphics of this game are simply amazing for a 3DS game and it is something I haven’t really seen yet. I have played the latest Pokémon game and the graphics are good on that but this game was made in 2012 (I think) so the graphics are a lot more impressive in my opinion.

The story in this game is a lot like every other Mario game where princess peach has been captured yet again and it is up to Mario to go and rescue here. There are 8 worlds which you need to go through to be able to get to the final boss. In each world there is a boss battle against one of the kooplings and beat them by hitting them 3 times on the head which after a while because very easy to do.

For me this game is either really easy or I have got better at gaming since I last played a Mario game. The reason for this is because when I was taking on the final boss I was going in with 69 (hehe) lives which I have never been able to do on a Mario game where the most I ever got was 11 and that was before World 1-4 which isn’t exactly impressive. Yes by the end of the game I was at 57 lives because there was one part where I was struggling to get past browser but still it is something I have yet to manage to do with a game like this before. I have always struggled with platformers as I am used to just running forwards and hitting things but I have really enjoyed this game and I would recommend anyone to buy it. From what I saw from IGN there is 8 special worlds but these are only accessible once you have collected 3 stars from each level in each world which is something I never have the patients for. So mostly likely I won’t ever be doing that.

Anyway time for my rating of my game for me this is an easy 8.5-9/10 and the only reasons why it isn’t a 10 is because I wished they could have made the game slightly harder but still I’m not complaining

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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