Resistance 3 Review

Resistance 3 Review


This is the second game for the ps3 I have completed since my haul which isn’t to bad. It is also the reason why there is a slight gap from my haul to my first review because I wanted to focus on getting as many hours of gaming done so I could keep the daily gaming reviews coming.

Anyway this game takes around 8 hours to complete (there is a great website that gives you approx amount of hours a game will take to complete here is the link literally just type the name of your game and it will tell you how long it will take to complete.) so the game itself didnt take to long it just took a little while to get into the game. I don’t know why it took me so long to beat the game but I think it was because it was predictable what the story was going to be from the start.

As soon as I beat chapter 4 I sat down and went from chapter 5 – 15 in one sitting and then 16-20 the next day so technically it did take about 8-9 hours which isn’t to bad for a £1.99 game.

To be honest I don’t really know what I think of this game, the reason for this is because the game play of it is amazing and I really love it but the story of the game let it down. I have never played a resistance game before so I know nothing of the story so I don’t know if it is the same story throughout the whole series or if it was just this game that was based around this story.

So lets do the part part before we get to the good, the reason why I hate the story is because it is predictable from the start as the first thing you notice is that your under ground and people are calling your name. Then I am told about an attack is happening and after a little bit of training and being show what buttons do what I had to go and kill all the aliens. It was from that point that I knew I would have to go to the main area where the aliens are hiding and kill them all. To my disappointment it was exactly what I thought would happen when I got to the end,


And for the people who have played this game yes I know that technically I didn’t kill them I just destroyed the portal and they where all sucked through it to me it was exactly the same as killing them all


I never played a whole halo game when I owned my xbox 360 and the reason for that is because I got bored halfway through and resistance 3 reminded me a lot of it. All aliens weapons have the same shape and design as they would in halo and the aliens themselves are kinda similar. If they changed the game slightly so you become to king alien or something else I would have been so much happier with this game

Anyway stopping with the bad and onto the good parts of the game which for me was the gameplay and secondary ammo.

The reason why I like the gameplay is because of how complicated and also how easy it is at the same time. Unlike a lot of games resistance 3 makes sure you have to use every single button to make the game easier on yourself, the way I think they did this was by using secondary ammo. In most F.P.S. such as call of duty the secondary ammo is a grenade of some sorts. This is not the cases with resistance 3 as each gun has a different secondary ammo. My 3 favourites are the shield which comes from the augar which came in useful a lot of the time, the target with the bullseye which allowed you to never miss a shot and the detonator with the magnum which would explode any bullets whether they been in a alien or in the ground.

If it wasn’t for the gameplay or the secondary ammo the game would of got a 5/10 but because it does I have to give it a 7/10

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

Game Game Review resistance 3 review resistance review Review


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  1. Its funny. I feel the same way about this game. Except not the good parts. I thought the game moved really slow compare to other FPS games. I had to turn up the sensitivity to max before I could get into the game a little more.


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