Batman Arkham City Review

Batman Arkham City Review


if you have seen my Arkham Asylum review then you know that there where some problems with the game that I really didn’t like and I hope they manage to change some of them in this game. So after spending round about 10 hours playing this and managing to complete I am able to tell you that… they didn’t. My main problem with Arkham Asylum (AA) was the combat and easy boss fights, well in Arkham City (AC) this hasn’t changed one little bit. The combat is still the exact same with you only needing to press one main button and one other button if you want to counter. Ill say it again but this isn’t combat it is simply mashing one button and hoping for the best.

Now the boss fight, in AA it was the Ivy boss battle where all you needed to do was walk around the small stage and quick fire a batarang. This was the second to last boss, so to my disappointment when I came up against the second to last boss in AC Clayface it was basically the same idea. You quick fire a freeze blast into him multiple times while dodging a few of his attacks. I will admit that you aren’t able to just walk around if you don’t want to lose almost all of your health but I only dodged two attacks and with my fully upgraded defences I still didn’t go past my armour.

So apart from the two problems I had with the original game which I really hoped they would manage to sort out with this new one the game is pretty amazing. I really love the story in this game, not only is it slightly confusing at the end but it really makes you want to continue with the game to find out the ending. Its almost like you are playing a movie and you have to keep playing or your mind will just make up endings for you.

So of course in a batman game the main villain has got to be joker and he is very slowly becoming one of my all time favourite DC characters but that is going to be a whole different blog on its own some time in the future. The way in which this game managed to design him is fantastic giving him his normal look as well as his sick look just gives him that creepy look he seems to suit.

The one aspect of the batman games is the upgrading part which is very RPG-esc in my opinion. You have the option of choosing to upgrade combos for easy kills or upgrading your defences so that you are able to take more gunshots. I always just to upgrade defences, this is because no matter how many combos you can do if you cant take a hit your not going to go very far.

In my AA review I said that at first the map of the game looked really small but it wasn’t until I went and explored the game did I find out how big it actually was. Well it is the opposite for AC and this is because at first the map look massive and I couldn’t wait to play it but after a while it is a lot smaller until you enter building and go underground where the real size of the map comes into play. So there are a few main buildings in the game that you will travel through and not a single one of them is small and some buildings actually take up a whole chapter of story to go through.

One of my all time favourite game series is Assassins creed and the reason I love it so much is because of the sneaky part and waiting for the right moment to strike. While playing Batman AC I discovered that these features have been placed into the game as well. The first time I noticed this was I was trying not to get seen by the armed men who shot on sight. You have to wait and then attack at the right time and I loved this part of the game because unless you did it right you where going to get shot and if you weren’t quick enough you would die.

There isn’t much else I can see about this Batman Arkham City game expect that it is a great game expect for the two flaws mentioned at the top and is well worth the 8/10 I am going to give it. I have one batman game left to play before batman Arkham Knight and I need to play it before it comes out so expect that soon, hopefully they can sort out that combat issue.

Anyway guys this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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