Sonic Generations 3DS Review

Sonic Generation (3DS) Review


I have been told by many people that the sonic games have went down hill since Sonic Advance on the GBA but I had to find out for myself hence why I am reviewing this game.

Sonic generation’s is on a lot of different consoles but I decided to play it on the 3DS because my 3DS hasn’t got a lot of love recently. I have seen people play this game on the wii u and other consoles so I know what I am comparing it to.

Before I start there are 2 things about this game I actually like and that is all. These two things are the music and graphics. So lets talk about those, the music is actually amazing, really fast pace and loud the way I like my music and it was perfect in boss battles where it was needed. The graphics are pretty good but not amazing, they could of done so much more with the game on this console.

Now for the bad part, the major thing wrong with this game is how Nintendo was to lazy to use full voice narration, they use it for specific sentences whenever a new character comes on screen but they didn’t bother to use it for the rest of the game. I know that the console is capable of having this in a game because so many other games have it. It just seems lazy and makes the game disappointed

Now the game play is pretty boring you basically press y every now and then and keep your finger going right and you will reach the goal of the stage. This is probably one of the most boring games I have ever played and I was thankful that it only took 4 hours for me to complete the game because if it was any more I think I would of cried.

Now the story of the game is that Dr eggman found a thing that can turn back time and he opened a portal so that new sonic and old sonic plus both tails are in the game trying to stop him fro breaking the world in time. Sounds like a good story line and it would have been if there was voice narration with the characters but again they where to lazy to put this into the game.

This is probably the shortest review you will see on this game but I literally cant write any more on this game without a lot of it going like this ‘This piece of fucking shit cost me so much fucking money’ and blah blah blah.

I give this game a really high score of 3/10 and it was only this high because of the music

anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time with a better game.

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