Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Review

Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham Review


So this is the first Lego game I have played on my PlayStation and even then the only other ones I have played have all been on my 3DS so they aren’t really the same. The only reason I got number 3 first was because it was my brother who bought me the game in return for me buying him battlefield hard-line.

So anyway into the game, the story of this game is very strange but it is very well written. I should warn you all that I only got into Marvel and DC about 3 years ago so I don’t know all the characters names. So the story is that a evil villain robot called brainiac wants to make all the planets in the universe small and he is able to collect them all (sounds a lot like Pokémon here). He is first introduced into the game when he is in control of a jellyfish looking spaceship that can control peoples mind and shows this off by taking over batman’s mind. This leaves it up to robin and Alfred to get batman back to normal. Once the fight has finished robin says it was his speech that got batman back to normal, but batman being batman he doesn’t believe he could be made to think about other people’s feelings and it was the electricity that brought him back. This kind of becomes a running joke through the game but after a couple of times I actually got really annoyed at this as I think they were focusing too much on it. So from the beginning of the game I am going to skip right to the end. This time it is superman’s turn to get his mind taken over and of course you know what is going to happen next batman makes his speech to get superman back and it works, when this happens you see the look of smug on robins Lego face.

Anyway through the whole story it is just you and the rest of the justice league doing everything possible to stop brainiac shrinking the planets. It turns out that he is using the battery core from all the lanterns to take over people’s minds. Now this comes a part of the game that I wasn’t very happy with. There are about 6 levels all really short where all you do is battle through the planets and retrieve a battery pack to stop brainiac. I was okay 3-4 of these levels but then after that I got really bored as it was all the same thing battle through the level and come against a boss. The ending changed however as 3 helped you while 3 didn’t and tried to fight back.

For me this game isn’t amazing like a lot of people have been telling. One person is actually one of my best friends who told me the other day that he spent over £60 on the game including the game dlc and character packs. He is in love with the game, for some points of the game I get it as it is pretty amazing but in some others I was really disappointed by the game.

One part of the game I really hated was the character change button. So if you want to change which character you want to be then you press triangle or y on Xbox but some charters are able to change their suits which is really useful in some situations so you know what button they made for this, yes you guess it triangle and y. I can’t see why they didn’t make it one of the trigger buttons as they have become useless in this game. It has been 2 days since I completed the game and I can’t remember what they actually did through the game. I can see why they made it triangle and x as technically it is like your changing character as they are doing something different from before but it is still the same character so I think it should have been a different button.

At first it is the justice league vs joker and his gang of criminal’s super villains such as Lex Luther and Gundy. But after brainiac is planning on shrinking the planets they start to work together which I think is a very good idea. I love joker and his one of my favourite DC characters, I haven’t read a lot of superman so I don’t know a lot about Lex Luther. Joker turns out to be a lot like batman with the suits he is able to change into but it also seems like he copied some of robins as well.

Throughout the game the graphics are amazing and are a lot better then what I had first expected but there is only one area where I actually like the music and that was on the blue lantern planet I don’t know why I liked it, it just stayed in my head.

Anyway this game wasn’t terrible but it defiantly wasn’t amazing. So that’s why I only give this game a 6.7/10 I just wish they sorted out the controls and didn’t something else expect for the 6 levels of being exactly the same.

Anyway thanks for reading and this has been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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