Papo & Yo Review

Papo & Yo Review


Before I start this review I most let people know that this game is very controversial for me as it is something I am able to relate to a lot but anyway onto the review.

So when I first got this game – which was free thanks to PlayStation plus – I knew literally nothing about it, to be honest I didn’t even know that the game existed but it was free and I can resist a free download. So after pressing new game on the menu the first thing that you will see is a cut scene of the main character of the game called Quico. In the cut scene he is clearly crying and is trying to hide from something scary. It is not till later on in the game that you actually get to find out what it is that quico is scared off.

So after a little while of seeing quico cry you are then moved into quico imaginary world that he has made to get rid of his pain. There is something I have to say and that is that the game is beautiful, after playing the game I though it would check out a few review of the game and some said they hated how it looked while other like me loved the way it looked. It personally reminds me of low funded areas in South America like Brazil from what I have I seen on the TV, especially with all the colourful houses. In this imaginary world quico is able to control everything via certain points, the points can be buttons to press or a lever to pull or even push a cog into place. The effect that this has is that the scene will change maybe the houses will move apart so quico is able to get past.

In the first few levels of a game you are introduced to a female character who is able to do the same thing as you in the world but instead can used a chalk circle to teleport to different areas. The girl is called Alejandra.

After the first few levels of the game you are introduced to ‘monster’ which is a monster. After meeting ‘monster’ then Alejandra will explain that he needs to be taken to the shaman so that he can be cured. This is where the main story comes from as it is up to this little boy to take this massive ‘monster’ to the shaman to get better. The way in which quico does this is by grabbing pieces of fruit of the ground and making the monster follow him. This is all done in a puzzle/ platform areas of the game which I personally found amazing and in some cases where slightly hard as you had to do the puzzle in the exact order or it didn’t work. There is one puzzle that I simply loved and it involved flying houses as you could just go around and make all the house fly you had to get all the available ones and once you did that you had to work the puzzle so you could get to the next load of houses. There are many puzzles that involve some thought before you are able to do them but once you have done them you look back and think I don’t see how they where hard.

I think that’s enough about the game, as it is the story of the game that is truly amazing. The story is of a boy who is scared of his alcoholic abusive father and will do anything to hide from him and pretend he is having a happy life. There are certain point in the game where there are cut scenes that actually give the game its story as until the last level I wouldn’t of had any idea what the story was about. When you put all the cut scenes together you get a little boy – quico – in a car by himself with his toy looking out the window as his father looking over a body which he probably killed in a drunk rage but if you look at the shadow of the father you see the outline of the ‘monster’.

I was a victim of child abuse, neglect and drug abuse and I have heard many different people say they know what it feels like and stuff like that even though not one of them actually had a clue. This game is a perfect example of what it is like for a kid with an abusive parent. I always pictured my mother as a scary monster and I would hide myself away trying to get rid of her, but it never worked. I would read a lot so I could add to my imagination so I had more places I could hide to in my mind.

It was while playing this game I realised how scary it was the whole time as back then I actually thought this was normal. I actually uncovered a few suppressed memories as there where parts f the game that brought it all back to me.

The creator of the game Vander Caballero actually went through the experience with his father so that is how I knew that he knew what everyone else who goes through this thinks about.

For me even though the gameplay is amazing and yes there are a few bugs, it was the story of the game that makes it amazing and I literally played the game non stop as I couldn’t put it down. Good thing that it was only 3-4 hours long otherwise I would of gotten really hungry.

This is the best game I have played this year by a long way and I have played a lot of games, even if you cant get it for free still download this game and play it and see for yourself what it is like for a child to go through this.

This games easily deserves a 9.9/10 and if it was for the few little bugs it would have been an easy 10

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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