Mirror’s Edge Review

Mirror’s Edge Review


There are many games that have got parkour aspects in them but I have yet to play a game that is only based around parkour, well that was before I played mirror’s edge. The only reason I even picked this game up is because my brother said ‘why don’t you play this’ so you know I obviously did and another plus side was that it only cost me £1.50 which is around $2.


So the story of this game is straight forward as I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t make a game too complicated on a parkour game. After the tutorial level you are thrown right into the story where you find your policewoman sister at the scene of a murder, in which she keeps saying it wasn’t her and she was set up. This begins the story of the game where it is up to you to clear your sister name. The main character in the game is called a ‘Runner’ because you know she runs… There is a group of runners who stick together, well that was until now. You basically advance through multiple different levels of parkour stages and each stage is harder than the last. But after each stage you will advance with the story a little bit more. Sometime during the game you get another friend who is trying to help you along and make sure you get all the information you need such as when the police are coming and you need to run as fast as you can otherwise you are going to get shot. It is when you are really close to the end of the game that you find out you have been betrayed by some members of the Runners. I must say that the last scene of the game is amazing but I don’t want to ruin that for you, so go and play it I’m pretty sure everyone can afford the price.


Even though this game was made in 2008 the graphics are still pretty good, I think this is because they didn’t try and make it so life like that any advancement in graphics would make it look terrible, in the cut scenes after every chapter they make it fully animated almost cartoon like which makes the graphics stay pretty good.


I really like the music in this game a lot, I don’t know if this is because the fast paced of the music. Which I personally like in all my music, or that it fits so well with the gameplay and it makes you want to go through the game as fast as possible, which helps as the game is pretty short which is either a really good thing or a really bad thing I don’t really know.


So what do I think of this game, for casual gamers this game will be really hard on the later stages unless you have somehow mastered parkour in the first 8 chapters. But for the more veteran gamers this game should be pretty easy as long as you can see where you land, thank god for being able to move the camera.

There are some section in which they would give you more chances to do some more moves instead of just wall running and jumping but other than that I really enjoyed playing this game.

So my rating for this game is about 8/10 and im pretty sure this is only because of the music.

Anyway guys this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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  1. I really love how challenging the parkour is to master in this game. I put a ton of time into the speed runs and had a blast. I loved the music too which as you mentioned is really good. Great review!


    • Yeah I know I actually had to switch to the original PS3 controller as the one I normally use just didn’t feel right with this sort of game. Thank you really appreciated 🙂


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