Modnation Racers Review

Modnation Racers Review


Have you ever wanted to play Mario kart but didn’t want to buy a Nintendo console well I think I might have found the next best thing.

The second I put this game in and played the first race the first thing I though was ‘I’m pretty sure this is just Mario kart’ don’t get me wrong I love Mario kart but I kinda wish people would stop ripping it off in so many different ways.

However I think I said Mario kart to many times in the first few sentences so let’s actually review the game.


Who would have thought that a simple racing game would have a story, certainly not me. The story is you and your mom own a car paint workshop that is really struggling for busy at the beginning as it is only you who seems to be getting a paint job done to your car. This is the reason why you race to advertise your mother shop to the world and maybe even win the title which would earn a lot of money on its own.

So while you are progressing through the races the story continues, you are looking for a crew chief and who else would be the best, maybe the ex-champion who retired after he was pushed into a corner and had a crashed. So after getting a crew chief it basically became a matter of winning as many races as possible to win the final cup. Well it would be if you weren’t being harassed by a sponsor who won’t stop trying to make you sign on the dotted line. But you keep saying no and no but they never seem to get the picture. It’s near the end of the 4th cup that your crew chief gets injured and fall into a coma, you are really struggling to keep your car in piece and the sponsor says that you won’t have to worry about money. So you sign on the dotted line, but you aren’t happy that you had to do it but you deal with it to keep winning. Its near the end of the game that your crew chief wakes up from his coma and gives you the advice you need to remove your sponsor, win the race and save your mothers shop.

How the Game Looks

As I have been saying a lot in this review this game reminds me so much of Mario kart, even the graphics style look similar. The graphics have aged well, but saying that its an animated game and those types of graphics do stay well until next generation comes along. The background in each game looks really nice and it matches the track, while not making it look like the track has just been stretched out.


For me in a racing game music is the second most important thing. If the music is good in a racing game then, in my opinion I race better and drive faster. Some tracks have amazing music and allows me to win the race, not just win but win by a landslide. But some tracks had pretty shitty music which led me to hating that track and in two cases actually muting the tv and playing some of my own fast paced music and to be honest it actually led me to winning.


There isn’t a lot of things that can be reviewed about a racing game so this is going to be a really short review.

There are many good and bad points about this game, and by a tiny bit the good out way the bad. That is why I have given this game a 6/10 and to be honest that is me being generous, the music really let this game down.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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