Evoland (PC) Review

Evoland (PC) Review

I don’t have an amazing PC in fact my PC is my laptop so while I was scrolling through steam I was looking for an idea game that didn’t require a lot to be able to run, that’s when I found Evoland. After watching the trailer I knew that I must have this game so on my next payday I paid less than £10 for the game and I loved it from the beginning

What is Evoland?

Evoland is a game that start you off in the basic form of RPG, the kind of style that people who have played the original final fantasy will know and love. You are required to go through the map and look for chest, at the beginning every time you open a chest you will unlock something that will make the game better. The first chest you open allows you to go left, and from then on it gets better.

It starts of black and white as if you are playing on an old Gameboy and then with each chest that has a graphics upgrade it gets better and better.


At first there isn’t much of a story until you unlock it. That’s right you have got to unlock the story and then you are told that you a last of a great race and it is up to you to go and save the city. It is not till later into the game when the story will actually flow though. That is where you will meet the other main character in which I called Leah. I don’t know why but I always name the first female character of a game I meet Leah. It turns out there has been a great evil that has been destroying the planet and Leah wants you to help her with taking the evil down.


As the graphics improve all the time I couldn’t possible give each specific upgrade a review. But down below is a screen shot from the first graphics and the one next to it is the final one


This shows you just how much better the graphics get with each upgrade.


The music in this game gets an upgrade as well but not as many as I would of liked. By the end of the game I was really getting annoyed at the same song being played over and over again. But the part I really did like was the 8 bit music that was getting played after the first upgrade, it was a great kick in the nostalgia.

Bad points of the game

Except for the final part of the music the only other bad point I can come up with is how anti-climatic the final scene was. There was potential there to have an amazing ending, but the boss basically gave up and said bye and died. I literally said out loud is that it and it kinda put a bad taste in my mouth about the game.

My overall rating

I do love this game and what it managed to do, and I also think that they wouldn’t just have to stick the RPG genre either as they could do it with the evolution of all genre like fps or sports don’t know how they would make a story about it I just think it would be a good idea. I will give this game a score of 7/10 because of the bad music and the anti-climactic boss ending but other than that a great game.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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