C.H.E.R.U.B Class A by Robert Muchamore Review

C.H.E.R.U.B Class A by Robert Muchamore


As I really enjoyed writing the review for the recruit I thought I would make it a regular thing with books, so what better place to start then with book 2 in the series.


Class A is number 2 in the C.H.E.R.U.B. series which revolves around James Adam a child’s that went into a children home after his mom died and then a few days later because a agent for a little known organisation of MI5

James is sent to his second big time mission in Class A, this time it is up to him and 3 other agents known as Kerry Kyle and Nichole to get involved with the gang known as KMG (Keith Moore Gang) which is the biggest cocaine dealer in all of Britain. The police have been trying to get the KMG arrested but have never had a chance of doing this.

It is up to the 4 agents to try and become friends with the 4 children of Keith Moore and for 3 of the agents this was very easy to do but for Kerry as she was so different from Erin she just couldn’t do this, so this lead to her befriending the son of an informant of Keith Moore.

Strangely enough it was Kerry who got the best information as it was her that found out where all the drugs were being packaged. This was the best place to put microphones as from there they were able to get enough information to put away over 100 peoples who were part of the drug gang.

But there wasn’t enough information about Keith Moore to put him away, this meant that the mission was going to continue. And now the mission has moved from England all the way to Miami. And I am going to leave it there so that people have got a chance to read and be able to read the rest of the book.

How it was written

This is a lot like the first as it was written amazingly and I was able to image every place that was described as that is something that Robert Muchamore is able to do very well.

I think that people should really read this series of books as they are simply amazing no matter how old you are.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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