Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Review

Orange Is The New Black Season 3 Review

OITNB is one of my favourite series to watch on Netflix and when I found out that season 3 as coming out I was so excited but to be honest I shouldn’t have got my hopes up.


Well like the first two seasons of OITNB we follow piper chapman through her journey through prison life and how she is coping with it all. It is in season three that she reforms a relationship with Alex Vause her ex-girlfriend from a few years before she went into prison. They officially become an item in Season 3 and everything seems perfect and they even start an illegal panty selling business. However it was also at this time that Stella Carlin (Ruby Rose) comes onto the scene and Piper has a new relationship that start to blossom, it takes a couple of episodes but the story between Piper and Stella becomes my favourite in the show. As they go from being in a secret relationship between Alex’s back to Piper screwing her over by hiding all sorts of contraband in her bunk 2 days before Stella is meant to be released. I should explain that the reason why piper did this was because Stella stole all of the money that Piper had made from the panty business as she was scared of what life was going to be like for her on the outside.

While that was happening Alex was getting really scared that she was going to killed by a prison inmate that might have come from a drug dealer that Alex used to work for. So she spent a lot of time trying to figure out who the other inmate was and make sure that she was actually going to kill her. Little did Alex know that the person she should have been looking out for was a new guard that was hired The part I liked best about this was that the inmate that Alex thought was going to kill her told her to watch out for the guard.

Onto a different story line now, and this one is my favourite throughout the season. Dayanara Diaz is getting close to her due date, but at this time she doesn’t know if she should keep the baby or she should find someone who is willing to look after the baby and give it a better life then what she is able to do. It is at this time that Pornstache mom comes into the picture, she has a lot of money and is willing to look after the baby for Dayanara. Daya doesn’t know what she wants to do so she goes to her mom for advice, her Mom tells her to let the mother take it and give it a better life. Little does Daya know that her mother is going to be getting money for letter Pornstache mom take the baby. Once Daya finds out about this she knows that she is going to be keeping the baby and try her hardest once she gets out to be the best mother possible to her baby.

Norma is now magic as well, yes this is a story line and to be honest I think this is the story line that made me not like season 3 as much as the others as it was just plain stupid. People start thinking that Norma is magic as she helps out curing people of bed bug bites. Norma starts getting to big for her boots so starts doing it all on her own, so people start coming to her for all sorts of reason and how does she treat them? By touching them, yes that is all. Leanne then start following Norma around thinking that she is Jesus and because of this Norma is now the leader of a cult.

I should also put this in quicky Crazy eyes becomes EL James after she starts writing erotica.

They are more storylines but I don’t find them to be all that important.

My opinion?

Even though there is a lot of storylines that are all happening at the same, as well as flashbacks to some characters that are important to figuring out what made them turn to crime, it is very easy to follow and it was pretty interesting. But the story line that they chose to show in the show was very disappointing. I really hated the Norma story line as I found it to be silly and stupid, especially the part where they can see Norma face in a piece of toast. I was actually tempted to stop watching there but it was close to the end of the season so I thought I might as well finish it. But the part I did enjoy was Stella when she first came into the show as she was HOOTTT!!! But other than that she seemed to fit into the storyline very quickly and I really enjoyed that storyline and I hope we still get to see more of her in season 4 along with nicki as both are now in Max.

Out of 10 for this season I could only give 6. I give this as I watched season 1 and 2 within the space of 6 days when I found out how good it was but it took me over a week to get through season 3. I am just hoping for better story in season 4

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time

Netlfix Orange is the new black


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