The LEGO Movie Review

The LEGO Movie Review

I have got no idea why it had taken me so long to watch this movie as I was really excited for it when I saw the trailer, I even planned on going to the cinema to see it. But a few years later which was today I saw that it was available on sky Demand so I could not download it and watch.


So we start of with just an ordinary LEGO man who follows everything that the instruction tell him to, they even tell him how he is meant to be living his life. It wasn’t until he lost a page of his instructions and had to go find him that he met wildstyle, a girl who is looking for a piece of resistance that is able to save the world from President Business and his evil weapon the kragle. He was about to call the police on wildstyle for trespassing but it was ta that moment where he slipped down and managed to fall into a hole. This was the certain hole where the piece of resistance was lying at the bottom. The second that Emmet touched the piece of resistance it came attached to him, he even started to get to visions, he wakes up to see a police officer questioning him on where he found the piece of resistance and how he was the special. So after beginning rescued by wildstyle and riding away on a motorbike that she managed to make out of pieces that she found in the alleyway they go and find Vitruvius the man who predicted the special being found. So they are trying there hardest to get away fro the police who are trying to find them but also at the same time they are trying to get to Cloud Cuckcoo land where all the master builders are going to be. Once they get to cloud Cuckoo Land and have a meeting with all the master builders (Milhouse, Dumbledore and Gandalf etc.) they don’t believe that Emmet is the special that he claims to be. Little did everyone know that while trying to escape from the police Emmet got stuck with a tracking device leading the police right to where all the master builders are. So now Emmet is hated even more, and he messes up again when they are trying to build a submarine to get out and loss the police that all he manages to build is a bunk bed couch. Every thinks this is a stupid idea but little did they know that it was the bunk bed couch that would save them from downing and make them lose the cops as no one thinks of checking the bunk bed couch. It is from there that they make there way to the city where Emmet is from and try and get as many people as possible onto their side so that they will be able to take down president Business and the Kragle. But they all get caught and put into a prison, when President Business leave trying to destroy the planet Emmet sacrifices himself to save everyone else by going down into a black hole with the device that was going to explode the building they were all in. while Emmet is gone Wildstyle then goes to try and destroy the kragle and take down as many enemies as possible. After a lot of fighting and a lot of losing Emmet comes back – He went to the real world and saw the real life President Business and his son arguing, it is then that after a lot of explaining by his son that President Business becomes nice after seeing all the good he can do lets Emmet go back into the Lego world – and manages to get the Piece of Resident back onto the Kragle making the weapon useless.

My opinion?

I really liked this film, I love Lego especially the games, I even have played most of The LEGO Movie- The Videogame so it was kinda hard not to compare the two but that will be for something different some other time. I love the humor that the movie had even the lsight little puns every now and then. But I think because I didn’t watch it right away and allowed my self to be overcome witht eh ype of the film I was actually expecting more from it. Wheni watch a movie I don’t like to think I have been sitting here for a long time and check to see how long it has got left. I felt like this around the 45 minute mark, I have never felt this way about the LOTR or Star wars. However the overall animation fo the movie was perfection, you could tell that eveyr little part was made of Lego and I loved that part. But out of 10 I would give it an 8, if I watched it before I saw the reviews or played the game then maybe the score would higher.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

Lego Movie review


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