Portal Review

Portal Review

Well Steam sale happened, so you know what that means right, yep I am broke for the rest of the month. But one of the good things about it was that I got portal 1 and 2 for £2 so I wasn’t complaining. I have just finished portal about 2 minutes ago so it’s time for me to review it.


You wake up in a strange room which has an oval egg thing bed, a radio, coffee cup and a toilet. There is some Mexican style music on the radio and it is about 10 seconds later that you here GLaDOS. She is a computer programme that was designed to help you through 19 increasingly challenging tests. Everything is all normal through the first 10 or so test but then it is little snippets that get you wondering what GLaDOS intentions really are. In one level she will lie to you but afterwards makes a promise that she won’t lie any more. It isn’t until level 19 where the rest of the story really starts to happen as that is when you make the great escape. You finish the last challenge and you are on a moving platforming think that it is going to take you to the next section. Turns out it is taking you a pit of fire, so the whole time that GLaDOS has been trying to kill us. So you make a split second decision and shot your portal gun straight forward and then again to the side and start your escape. This is the most difficult part of the game as you aren’t given any time to concentre as GLaDOS keeps speaking. It is around this time that she promises you a party and cake if you put down the portal gun and lie down. But did you know I didn’t believe her so I carried on going through the level. After going through the rest of the level you will eventually come to the women herself GLaDOS  who is a computer built up of many different parts. This is where she makes it plain and clear that she wants to kill you no matter what. After you manage to beat her you get sucked up into the outside world where the game will end.


The level design in this game is amazing, at first the levels are just a bit simply and it seems a lot like a point and click kind of game. Well that all stops when they start bringing in different aspects of the game such as machine gun turrets and warp jumping. It was the increase level difficulty that really made the game good otherwise I would have got bored very quickly.

This game was made in 2007, so as you can imagine the graphic style of the game is not the best. But I do think that the game has aged well and I personally believe that if you never saw yourself then you wouldn’t really notice the graphically difference between this and a new game.


The music was okay, not bad but not good. It would have been better if you could actually listen to it a lot of the time instead of GLaDOS. But from what I did hear it was okay even though the Mexican themed music at the beginning didn’t seem to fit the game.

The Ending

This isn’t the boss fight I am talking about it is the credits, I have never seen credits like this and I think it was my favourite part of the game. GLaDOS sings to you, I wasn’t really paying attention at it once I beat the game but when I put my headphones back on I heard her singing to me and it made me smile.

My overall opinion

The game is good but some parts where a bit boring especially with GLaDOS repeating herself a lot. I probably would of enjoyed it more if I didn’t listen to all the hype about the game first. I have been told by a lot of different people that this game is amazing and nothing beats it. It must of just ruined the game for me a little bit.

The ending really made the game for me and it is because of that I rate Portal 7/10 it would of be a lot lower if it wasn’t for the ending.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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