Divine Madness By Robert Muchamore Review

Divine Madness By Robert Muchamore Review

So this is the fifth instalment of the C.H.E.R.U.B. and so far this one took the longest for me to read. This isn’t because the book is longer then the others, it is about the same. I think it was because a lot of what this book talks about I personally cant stand so it was a struggle for me to read it, but ill talk about that later on.


This time James is going to be going against Help Earth, even though there isn’t an evil villain in this series of books it seems like Help Earth are coming close to doing so. Just like in the bible a religious cult called the Survivors have built an Ark that is ready for when the devil comes to take over the world. The ark was originally started by Joel Ragan, a man who claims that god spoke to him and told him to do so. The ark cost over a billion dollars to build, the way in which the cult managed to even get the money was all down to Joel Ragan and his ability to smooth talk people into joining the cult and giving everything they had to the cult so that it could be used to get more people turned from the devils to angels which can survive. Joel Ragan has been married 3 times and is currently married to his 4th wife Susan Ragaen who used to be a model. In those 4 marriages he has managed to have 32 children. The oldest one known as the Spider is the one who is basically running the survivors as Joel Ragan is becoming ill in his old age of 82. His other main child is also the youngest called ‘Rat’. The Australian secret service have reasons to suspect that the Survivors have been funding Help Earth and believe that someone in the Survivors is working with Help Earth as well. But they know how hard it is going to be for an adult to manage to get high up in the Survivors, so everyone knows what this means by now. They are going to send CHERUBS to the rescue. For this mission James, Lauren and Dana have been selected, both James and Lauren are navy shirts and Dana who is 15 is still only a grey shirt after not getting a single break on any of her missions. So they are all flown into Australia, and made to look like the normal rich family where the mother has just divorced from a multi-millionaire father and decided that Australia is the perfect place for a new start. All the children go to school like normal children but they are all hoping that they can get recruited to join the Survivors. It doesn’t take long before James has made friends with some members and then Lauren has to go to counselling after punching a bully, turns out the councillor is a member and is trying to recruit people.  So lets skip ahead a few days where the whole family including the mother has all been recruited into the Cult but only in the base where they are in Australia not to the actually Ark. It does take about a month until both James and Lauren are asked to move to the Ark  but even then this is because James saw a member of the cult get stabbed and they want him away before questions can be asked, Lauren goes with him because she begs not to be separated from her brother.

Dana is told the reason she wasn’t invited to go to the Ark with ‘her brother and sister’ is because her special talents are required at the base.

Within the first week of being at the Ark, James has already made friends with Rat. Rat doesn’t believe in the suriviors and is only there because his dad is the starter of the cult. The way in which Rat and James became friends is by looking at girls in the shower and getting caught. Rat knows straight away that James doesn’t believe in the cult either and is there for a different reason but never asks why. It takes a while before they find out that Susie is the main reason why the survivors have been earning more money then ever and it is near the end of the book where it turns out she is the member of help earth that peoples suspected of being involved in the cult. When everyone finds out that Joel Ragan has died then Spider calls everyone into the bunker beneath the ark, this is happening at the same as the austrilian secret service are lauching an attack.

Also at the same time Dana is on her own mission thanks to her special talents of being able to swim. A member of help earth is wanting to blow up a tanker that transports Natural gas to japan and china, but they are going to be doing this while it is filling up so that they can destroy some of the plant as well.

I am leaving it there for the story as even though I did put some spoilers in there I didn’t ruin the ending of the book which is something I like to leave so that people can read it.

My favourite Character?

Rat, I think he is funny and the way that he basically gives a middle finger to eveyr member of the surivivors is something I can relate to.

My opinion?

I hate religions that try and announce to the world that they are around and this is what they follow and that everyone should join them. I personally believe that if people follow a religion then they shouldn’t shove it downs people throats and make other people believe in it. If they like what they see from a religion then they will join that religion. So as this whole book is based on this, I found it very hard to be able to read without making myself slightly pissed off at this. However it was around 70% the way through the book that I actually enjoyed it. This is because it stopped talking about what the survivors and focused on how everyone was going to escape the place. Even though the book is written amazingly like all the rest of the books in the series, this is easily the one I have disliked the most. Even when I read them the first time it took me a long time as well to get through them.

I do recommend people read this book but only if they want to keep the story flowing smooth through the series.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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