C.H.E.R.U.B. The Killing by Robert Muchamore

C.H.E.R.U.B. The Killing by Robert Muchamore

So I did write this review already and I was certain I had uploaded it to my blog but when I went to do some cleaning up and checking my pages, I noticed that The killing wasn’t anywhere around. So I am going to re write it now and let’s hope that it is going to be better than the first time.

From now on in book reviews I am going to try and keep the story part brief so that I can avoid spoilers.


So after breaking up with his girlfriend (Kerry) James gets himself into trouble by hitting a younger student. This earns him 2 months’ worth of cleaning duty and mission out on the summer holiday that all Cherub agents are allowed on. But this could be a good piece of look for James as it is at this time that a mission comes for him and if he accepts he is able to miss the rest of the cleaning punishment. So of course James is going to accept. It is up to James and Dave (a character from Maximum security) to find out how a little known criminal called Leon Tarasov, who is in charge of the local garage and car dealership as well as a pub. The police are wanting to know how he had managed to overcome a large amount of debt and then be able to buy another pub.

What people at first was going to be a simple mission it turns out that it was harder than first thought. This mission involves dodgy cops, bribes, murder and a druggy who is amazing at computers.

How well was it written?

It was written very well, it allowed to be able to get a fairly clear picture of what all the characters looked like as well as what the surroundings are like. When he first described the apartment in which Dave and James where going to be living I was able to imagine what it would of looked like and then be able to image both James and Dave in there as well.

At first while reading this, I personally didn’t feel like the mission was going to be a flop and that the book would be over quicker than I thought (I read on a kindle kinda hard to judge how much of the book is left). But it was around half way through where the book really got me glued to my kindle and I couldn’t put it down. I really enjoyed the story development of Leon and how he can go from a really cool dude to an angry fat man in a matter of seconds.

Did I enjoy reading it?

Yes I did, even though I did have some doubts about the mission I still couldn’t put the book down, it took me about two days to read and for a person who has A.D.D. this is pretty good. For me if a book doesn’t feel like a task to read then it is a good book, such as if you would rather do something else then read then that book is becoming a task.

So basically BUY THIS BOOK. I got it for my kindle and payed £3.99

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

Buy CHERUB The Killing Here

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