C.H.E.R.U.B. Man Vs Beast by Robert Muchamore

So we go from a book where I was basically against the whole story, to a book where I agree with almost everything in, so this should be interesting to review.


James is on a new mission this time to try and stop an animal rights group that will use violence to get their point across. So this time it is up to James , Lauren and Kylie to stop this group, the way in which they are going to try and do so is by getting with a leader of the largest nonviolent animal rights group and seeing if they are able to find potential members of the violent group and see if they are able to join as well and destroy the group from the inside.

How well was it written?

In my opinion this is the best book in the series so far and there is really only one reason for this, and that is how it was written so I was able to imagine what the animals that where being cruelly experimented on and the way that they were being kept looked like. i was also able to get a really good picture of what Ryan looked like, he is the old leader of the largest nonviolent animal rights group. Even though it might have been stereotypical I was still able to imagine what he looked like.

My opinion of the book.

While I agree that animals shouldn’t be used for experiments on, to see if the chemicals are safe for human use. I am not going to be going vegetarian any time soon, even though I only really like sausages and bacon. But it is very easy to see why some people would and this book really helps explain it, the way that animals are treated and then how they are brutally killed so that people like use are able to have a sausage sandwich and leather shoes.

Lauren becomes a vegetarian in this book and I really don’t blame her, she see the conditions in which dogs are kept for experiments and if I was to see something like that in real life I know I wouldn’t be far behind her.

In this book it also shows that Lauren has got a bit of a dark side, but that is at the beginning before the mission so I will allow you to read it on your own without any spoilers. But I really did enjoy the slight character development in James’s younger sister. I do wish that they would maybe focus slightly on a few other characters, like maybe a mission at the beginning of the book. I know that they did this in Divine Madness but he seemed to miss it out in this book, but ooohhh well.

I really recommend that people read this book not just because it is part of the series but it will give you an eye opener to just how cruel some people treat animals.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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