Skyrim Review

Skyrim Review

So I recently decided to play this game again and actually try and complete the whole game, now it is over 70 hours later and I have done all the main story lines and over 100 quests so I have now decided to call it a day, and I think I am now capable of giving a review of the game.


Well this all depends on which story line you are doing as there are many different ones, but for the purpose of length I will go with the main one and mentioned the others a little bit further down.

So you are right in the middle of getting beheaded, when you get the perfect view of a dragon. Yes a dragon and for some reason it chooses this time to breath fire, but it is also at this time where you are able to make your escape. Even though you hadn’t done anything wrong and you where in the wrong place at the wrong time. So after managing to escape the dragon and get your freedom, you are given a quest guide then tell you to follow the person to who you chose to escape with to their home town. It is later on in the game that you will make your way to whiterun and this is also around the time where you will get to see your second dragon, but this time it is up to you and a few guards to kill the bloody thing. Once it has died you find out that you are something special, something called a Dragonborn. A being that is able to absorb dragon souls, if you absorb a dragon soul then that dragon can never be brought back. It is after this that you will make the journey to find the greybeards and find out that you have a power called a shout. This is a language that will allow people to essentially do magic with their voice. After you have started your journey with greybeards you are approached by the blades. They are a group of people that disbanded many years ago but one member still goes strong. They what all the dragons gone, so as you could probably guess we follow them and find out how to kill all the dragons and then the main leader of the dragons called Aludin. So after a lot of boring missions of killing dragons you are then sent to the top of the mountain where the greybeards live and their leader, yet another dragon called Paarthurnax who does and doesn’t want Aludin dead as they used to be best friends essentially and then became enemies. You know the normal story, but he helps you learn a shout called dragon rend that can bring a dragon down from when they are flying. Then you trap a dragon and get him to fly you to the location where the portal to where Aludin lives. Yes I know slightly confusing but what can you do, after you confront Aludin you are paired up with 3 old Dragonborn who tried to kill Aludin but then failed and died themselves. But the battle with Aludin isn’t that much harder than any other dragon. And once you have killed him you are essentially sent back to Skyrim and that’s all.

So what is the game like?

Well this game is a bit of everything, it is amazing and well as utterly awful. The stories lines in this game are pretty amazing and I loved all the main ones and this is close to my 5th time playing through the game and I still enjoyed them, I have a personal favourite with the dark brotherhood quest line. The graphics are pretty good to, as there are some parts of the game that have amazing scenes such as the one below.


Personally I think the water scenes are always the best, especially at sunset. When I first saw this on my first play through back in 2011 I literally went wow and since then I have been amazed with this game. But as I said there was some awful parts of this game. The main problem is the amount fo glitches it has, and dear god if you plan on getting all achievements on one save then you are then a GOD of gaming as that is exactly what I have been trying to do on a save that expands more then 70 hours of game time. And I came to get the 15 deadric artifacts and want to know something, I got 16 and I didn’t get the achievement. Want to know why that was, well a quest giver called LOD decided he want to face a dragon and then Lod died from one hit of fire. At the time I didn’t think anything of it as I didn’t expect him to be the quest giver, so you can imagine my anger when go and find him and he is lying in the middle of the road dead with a quest sign on him saying speak to Lod. That is when I decided to stop playing the game and that I have had enough of it. To be honest I am pretty sure that it had left a sour taste in my mouth because of it. It wouldn’t be so bad if the achievement could expand to more than one save but nope as Bethesda want to be dicks about it.

That wasn’t the only glitch I had found either as there are many glitches regarding hit boxes, chests that aren’t meant to be there and loads of map glitches that mean you have access to other store chest, in some occasions there were times where I could get back into the map so I would have to reload a save but then I would of lost progress and this really pissed me off.

My opinion of the game?

I started my save about 2 weeks ago and at first I feel back in love with the game as this was my fist time playing the game on PlayStation so it felt all new to me, that lasted about 3 days and then it hit me, just how annoying this game can be. The amount of glitches is one things, but I am pretty sure they only used 5 voice characters as after a while they all started sounding the same and it really started annoying me when other character talked and I thought it was someone else but nope.

Wouldn’t you also think that being able to create your own character and make them look exactly how you would want them to be great, well yeah it is but only if you could see your character the whole time. If you are like me and prefer to play in 1st person view then all you will see of your character is your hands and maybe all of yourself if you are on a horse. I personally find the 3rd person view unplayable and don’t understand how people are able to play it in that view, so I understand why they would want to spend hours making sure that there character is good looking but I personally don’t.

Overall I do love this game as it was one of the games that got me into gaming big time a few years ago but after recently playing it and see it all for its worth, I couldn’t rate it as highly as it once was. I know that a lot of people complain about the amount of glitches that Ubisoft games have recently but compared to Skyrim they are basically a god send. At least those glitches DON’T STOP YOU PLATINUMING A GAME. FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK I’m still pissed about that and it has been two days.

Back in 2011 I would of given this game 10/10 hands down but now I have grown up and matured and actually be able to see a game for what it is worth I can only give it 6/10 and even then that is pushing it.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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