C.H.E.R.U.B. Mad Dogs By Robert Muchamore

C.H.E.R.U.B. Mad Dogs By Robert Muchamore

So this is my first review since I made a schedule, so hopefully this will be the first of many book reviews that will come out on Wednesday.


This actually starts off with micheal and Gabriel being in a mission about rival gangs and drugs, it all seems to be going well until a gang that nobody thought anything off called the runts started attacking and Gabriel got seriously injured with 2 major stab wounds to the stomach and back.

I should mention that there only used to be one gang in this area and that was called KMG. You might remember that from the second book. So with Gabriel injured and the mission controllers where certain that if they could get someone into the other gang then they could maybe stop the gang wars. Well who else would be better to join the gang then James Adams, maybe I should say James Beckett as he is going to be reliving his old past and making friends again with KMG founders son Junior Moore, who is part of the Mad Dogs

My opinions on the book

Like I said in my last review I believe that the more that James ages then the older the target audience is for the books. This book really helps explain my point, as yes drugs have been done before in the second book but the amount of detail that actually went into describing how Keith Moore managed to keep his gang in shape was very little. This isn’t the case with Mad Dogs leader Sasha as it describes in a lot of detail just how violent he can be and actually shows this when he is basically disables a man because he disagreed with him. Also the stabbing of Gabriel, I personally believe that this wouldn’t of even been thought off in the second book, as even though the missions are meant to be dangerous nothing really dangerous happened. Until the last few books that is. Personally I am against drugs, expect the legal one, but I was happy I read this book as it shows you to what extent people will go through to get the drugs they want so that they are able to sell it at stupid prices to stupid people so that they can get the high that they so desperately ned to ruin their lives.

It is also shown to what methods people will go to, to get the drugs into the country. But don’t worry it is not all about drugs, these gangs only care about one thing. Yup you guessed it money, so they don’t just sell drugs they will rob people in rich hotels, steal cars and sell the parts or just go into a random shop and demand all the money they have got avaible in the till. I loved reading this part of the book as I found it really interesting in how they managed to do all these crimes and still not get caught. Don’t worry I am never going to be doing any of these things myself, I am a good boy. But it was interesting seeing what their formula was to doing a crime.

Personally I really enjoyed this book, I didn’t enjoy it as much as I did man vs beast but it is still up there. The book was amazingly written and very graphic when needed. I am just happy to see that the target audience has changed with each book as I think, if the audience was going to be the same all the way through then I would of got bored of this series after the 3rd book. One of the parts I really liked was where the Zoo was described as it games me a really good idea about the place and what was living there and how bad it was.

So I do recommend this book to people, either to make sure that you are following the story or if you ever want to find out how to do a few crimes then this book is for you.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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