Pokemon Heart Gold Review

Pokémon Heart Gold Review

So this is going to be my only second Pokémon review which is kind of bad seeing how it was my favourite gaming series until recently (FUCK YOU ORAS). But recently I have been playing my favourite pokemon game of all time Pokemon Heart Gold a remake of pokemon gold and it shows exactly how a remake should be done (That’s right im looking at you ORAS)


You start of as a 10 year old trainer and your aim is to catch them all (like all Pokémon games), but on your way you will have to overcome 8 gym leaders and the elite 4 with the option of carrying on to battle another 8 trainers and re taking on the elite 4 with stronger Pokémon. You can count this game complete in my opinion when you have battled and defeated Red the original trainer from Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow. But on the way you will come across a gang called Team Rocket a team that had apparently disbanded 2 years ago but have now returned with a new leader. It is your job to stop them from harming pokemon.


If you have a look at Pokémon gold and silver and then compare them to Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver you can see just how far the graphic upgrade has come.

Here is a picture showing the difference

maxresdefault red

I choose the final battle of the game for this difference because it just shows you how much the game has changed, the main difference has got to be the amount of colour that has been added into the game. From the map to the Pokémon the difference is amazing.


A lot of people will say that Pokémon red/blue/yellow has got the best retro music in the Pokémon games, for me it has always been gold and silver. But the update music in Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver is amazing it just sounds so much clearer and I actually went back to a few cities so I could hear the music of that town. My favourite music in game has got to be the battle music against the elite 4 champion.

How it felt to play?

For me it felt a bit weird to play, but that was because I was using the analogue stick on my 3ds xl. So when I went back to the d-pad it felt normal to play with no noticeable lag between me pressing the button and the game responding.

My overall opinion

Pokémon heart gold is my all-time favourite Pokémon main series game, this is because in my opinion they didn’t change much about the game expect for the upgrades in everything. It plays almost perfectly similar to the original just with the added bonus of colour and music. Yes there are a few aspects of crystal in this game but that is only there to add to the enjoyment of the game.

So I do recommend that you play the orginals first so you can appreciate the actual remakes more but if you haven’t got them available then do play these games as even for a first timer this games are amazing and will make you want to play more Pokémon games. DON’T PLAY ORAS IT WILL RUIN POKEMON FOR YOU

Anyway I give this game 9/10 for being the best remake game I have ever played.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.



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