Mario Kart DS Review

Mario Kart DS Review

So for some reason which I have yet to find out I fancied playing Mario and a racing game, so of course that means I played Mario Kart and as I only have the ds version that is what I played


There is no story other then pick a character and then a kart and then race


At the time when this game was released back in 2005 almost 10 years ago this game probably had amazing graphics for the time and what the DS was able to produce, but this game has not aged well at all. I actually got bored looking at the karts as they all looked square and after a while I was just looking at the bottom screen where the map was. In my opinion even though the tracks and backgrounds are okay to look at, I think they never tried very hard on this and I personally believe that if they waited a bit longer and put more effort into the karts and tracks this game would look great even today.


Now the music is something I actually liked about this game, as the music was mostly fast paced which is an essitenial part of all racing games. As the faster the music the faster you are wanting to drive. Now after playing each track 3 times the music got boring and I ended up listening to some remix version off the music while playing. This isn’t a bad thing it is just I don’t like listening to the same song again and again.

Game length

When I say that you can beat this game in under 3 hours then you know it is short. For me this isn’t a game that is worth the money esspeically anymore after Nintendo took down the servers that allowed online play. Yes the game does last longer if you want all the character but now there isn’t a point to it anymore as you can use them unless you want to play the same track and listen to the same music again and again.


Yes maybe if I had played this game back in 2005 I would of enjoyed this game but personally I was expecting more from Nintendo on this. I have never been a big fan of racing game, and I am not a big fan of company that will make one franchise go from a quite enjoyable platforming game to a racing game without putting at least some effort into making the karts look decent. I have seen better looking cars on the PS2.

So if you want to spend £20 ($31) on a Mario kart game then by all means do so just don’t expect a lot for your money. You are able to race around tracks 3 times to complete a game and that increases if you want to get all characters.

I personally give this game a 4/10 as it is just plain bad, and I didn’t enjoy my time playing it

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.



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