C.H.E.R.U.B. The General by Robert Muchamore

C.H.E.R.U.B. The General by Robert Muchamore


If you couldn’t tell by the title this story is going to be based around the army, specifically the American army. So it is Christmas time at the campus so everyone is excited by this, but there is a lot a training session that gives a few days holiday in America before the session will begin. The main staff member behind the training session is the new instructor called Mr Kazakov who is an ex Ukrainian Army member and dear god he sounds scary. So after hearing that a few of his friends had signed up and James was all in the dumps after finding out that his girlfriend Dana had been cheating on him while he was away on a mission he goes and finds out if Kazakov will let him join the sessions. So the training session is to basically find out how good the American army is against enemies in different situations, it is up to Kazakov and the rest of the CHERUBS to do their best to win.

What did I think?

Well this is basically the first book where there wasn’t a main mission but actually the book focuses around the training session, yes there is a little bit at the beginning but about 30% in you don’t even read anything else about the mission until the epilogue. So this was a nice change of pace, where there wasn’t really any risks as the army where only going to be playing a bigger version of paintball, where if you get hit you die for 24 hours. Not only that but we see some character development from James, you are able to see that even though he was pissed and did break a phone over the person head who Dana was cheating on him with. That is all he does about the situation and he actually really heartbroken over the situation, as it was Dana who was the first person he was in a relationship with and slept with. He finds a way of forgetting about his relationship by finding out that his amazing ability with maths can help with card counting and seeing how they are going to Las Vegas this is the perfect place.

Overall I really enjoyed this read and it was great to read about what the situations are like for the army and how they are able to train and get ready for a war. Let’s hope that none of the real life enemies use tactics like Kazakov would otherwise the whole world is going to be screwed. Another part I liked was seeing how James was able to use his Cherub training for badness, and getting away with about $100,000 which is £64,000 and getting away from the police with help from training instructor Kazakov.

The training compound was described amazingly and it really helped with using my imagination into training to figure out what the place would actually look like, it was a mixture of places all put into one with places like normally American suburbs to shanty towns in brazil. It was great reading about how Kazakov was able to make the most of this and find the best way to get one over on the Americans.

Like all of the CHERUB books this one was amazingly written and even though it is not my favourite in the series it is by no means bad, I did enjoy reading it and it was a great past time for a few 1 hour bus journeys.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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