Bioshock 2 Review

Bioshock 2 Review

So after seeing a fellow blogger a few weeks ago do a review (kind of) of Bioshock 2 and it made me want to go back through the game and see if my opinion still stands on this game and I am really happy to say it does.


So this game is set 8 years after the events of Bioshock, where you play as a prototype version of a big daddy. You were brought back to life to rescue a little sister who he was bounded to before his death. But he must get the little sister from the clutches of the new leader of rapture Sofia Lamb. He does have some help though in the form of Sinclair who will offer some guidance but he only helps you to increase his chances of escape.


Overall the graphics are amazing, basically for me this game is just one large piece of art that will take more then 10 hours to look at. Some part of the game are simply beautiful and for me I think this is the reason why I love this game so much. This game was realised over 5 years ago and even now the graphics are still so good.

I will leave a few pictures showing the beauty of this game here in case you have never played the game before.

The underwater parts of the game are my favourite mainly because you are forced to move slower and actually take in the beauty that surrounds you.


The music was a bit iffy for me, as sometimes it was great with the tension when you where approaching an important enemy but other times the music was just pointless and didn’t seem to fit much with the game.

But it was near the end of the game on my way back to the life boat where I actually thought no music was playing but I was still hooked with the game as the tension was amazing. It turns out that there was music playing but it was really low and for me this was perfect. This probably made me want to carry on playing and making sure I complete the game on that day, which I did.

Bad points

I have said a few times in this review how much I love this game but even then there are still some bad points to it. The main one I have got is the lack of boss battle at the end of the game. The story is leading you up, getting you all excited about this final ending where we see if we escape or not. With Sofia lamb doing everything she can to stop it, so you can imagine my disappointment when I found out the boss battle is just you fighting a few enemies you will see anywhere in rapture. Even then it doesn’t matter how many you kill as it is a time based event. You can also die as often as you want as a restoring point is round the corner in the same room. The only time you see Sofia lamb is when she is in the life boat being dragged down by the little sister.

Another bad point is the difficulty curve, the beginning of the game is fairly easy simply going through with your drill but it is about half way through and that is when things get difficult out of nowhere, I found myself with no money and no ammo so all I had left was my drill, and it’s really hard to battle all enemies with just a drill especially when they are able to show you from across the room.

The game does seem to get easier again by the end of the game, but that might just of been my skill improving (I hope anyway)

My overall opinion

I simply love this game, well almost any game made by 2k really but this game has a special place in my heart. This is because it was my first game I ever bought with my own money and I made sure I actually played this game all the way through on my Xbox. I personally believe that if people play the first game and then this one then they will love this game even more with the graphically update and in my personally opinion a better story line as well.

So I will give this game a 9.5/10

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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