Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Review

So after reading a review of this on my best friend blog I asked her a few questions about the book and then proceeded to buy it from the amazon kindle store for £3.99, so how good is this book?

You can check out her review of the book here


Mare is a girl who lives in a poor part of the country and is preparing herself to be sent off to the army just like her 3 older brothers. The country where she lives if you don’t have a job by the age of 18 you are sent to the army to help protect your country against the lakelanders. Mare does her best to make sure her family gets a little bit of money from her by pickpocketing people who are slightly better off and then procedding to sell the items to a trader who doesn’t ask any questions. It was actually a mistake she made while pickpocketing that mare life changed forever, for good or bad we have yet to see. She ended up pickpocketing the prince of the country Cal. At the time she didn’t know this as he was in a disguise, it was when she woke up to a knock on the door with the guard telling her to go with them.  After saying goodbye to her family she does so, turns out she is being given a job to stop her from going to the army, she is going to be a server for the silver bloods. There are two types of people in this books silver bloods and red bloods. Silver bloods have got power and these can range from controlling metal to controlling fire, and then there are red bloods who are just normal with no powers so they are considered the less beings. Mare is a red blood and while serving a silver blood in the area she comes close to death and that is when she finds she is special. She is a red blood with silver blood powers.

My opinion

So this book, at first it reminds me a lot of hunger games, as people live in different areas of the country and different areas do different jobs. And then it reminds me a little bit of Skulduggery pleasant with the fact that people could know that they have got power (Magic) and not know about it because they haven’t been given a situation to where it presents itself. So because of this is does lose a few points but I carried on reading as both of those book series are amazing and I hoped that would make this book just as amazing.

Another bad point is just how predictable just about everything is, the only part of the book I actually surprised by was about 90% through the book and even then I guessed a part about half way through.

Even with both of these bad points I still rate thing book highly and I do recommended that people read it. One of the reasons for this is because it shows you the difference between two races of people Silver and Red. For some reason while I was reading this book I thought that the spilt of the people is similar to rich and poor. This is because it is the Red blood (Poor) that make all the items that the Silver blood (Rich) want and need to survive like clothes and technology. The silvers even have reds who are there slaves who get paid low wages just like butlers with rich people.

The book describes the character in a lot of detail so it is easy enough to imagine what the characters look like, the author even described the armor in such detail that you can almost see exactly what the character looks like. The descriptions wasn’t as detailed about sorrunding areas but I was still able imagine what the area of the book was like.

Overall I do recommend this book and I am really looking forward to read the second book in the series, unfortunately that can’t happen till February. I give this book about a 7/10 and I would say that it was well worth the 3.99 I paid for it.

Anyway I have been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time

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