C.H.E.R.U.B. Shadow Wave By Robert Muchamore

C.H.E.R.U.B. Shadow Wave By Robert Muchamore

So this is the final book in the James Adams cherub series, I say James Adams series because there is a new series of cherub with a different main character.


So about to go on his final mission of his CHERUB which is just going to be a simple bodyguard mission James is getting kind of sad at the idea of leaving campus, that is until Kyle is back on campus for a wedding and has a look at the mission briefing and tells James about all the terrible stuff that Tan Abdullah has done, and has now managed to persuade James in turning the down the mission and help Kyle get payback on Tan Abdullah. But he must do this without the knowledge as if he does anything that can affect the mission then he could be kicked out of CHERUB.

My opinion

So I have got one thing I don’t really like about this book is that even though this is meant to be the last book in the series I assumed that James would be the main character but it seemed to me that Kyle and Lauren where the main characters and this was a bit disappointing and the only time that James became the main character was when they were back at campus and he was about to leave.

Other than that I have got no complaints about this book, but even then the most interesting part for me in the book was the epilogue. This is because it gave us some insight to some the characters that where in the series, these included Lauren’s dad Ron and her best friend Bethany. The book also has a couple of pages of what James is like after he has left cherub and is now studying at an American university.

The mission itself is a good read and I did find it interesting to read about how people in 3rd world countries live and work for a living and how even some of them don’t want to make changes which could make their lives easier as they are comfortable with their lives in their little villages.

Like all Robert Muchamore books this book is written amazingly as I found it easy enough to imagine the country and the hotel where the main plot happened. I just wish that almost all the book wasn’t based on this mission. I found myself hoping that the mission would end sooner so that I could find out more about some of the characters.

Overall I don’t think this is the best ending of the series as I hoped for a bit more but if you really enjoyed reading about the missions then you have got to read this book as it is probably the best mission in the series as you have people on both sides who are from cherub.

So to complete the series you should read this book as overall the cherub series is amazing and I loved every book (except maybe this one) and I am kind of sad that the series has ended.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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