The Kane Chronicles The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan

So after finishing the CHERUB series I decided to go back and read another series again and I decided on The Kane Chronicles mainly because I love mythology and this book series is all about the Egyptian Mythology which is something I find really interesting


So Carter and Sadie have found out that they are blood of pharaohs which makes them some of the most powerful people in the world but little did they know that their father had released 5 of the gods and even worse for them was that two of them have been combined with them. So now not only do carter and Sadie have to escape the house of life but also stop one of the gods that where released from taking over the world.


Like I said above I have read this book before, so I know what the book is already going to be about. But that didn’t affect my opinion on the book, it is a great read with lots of detailed descriptions about a lot of different Egyptian mythology and how even though the 5 gods that where released where children of Nut and Geb, Horus and Isis and mother and son, Set and Nepthys where husband and wife, but in different versions of stories they had totally different relationships. To me I find this really interesting and the way that Rick Riordan described was simply amazing.

Another part I really liked was the way it was written, the story is told by Carter and Sadie, by that I mean they had a tape recorder and reordered the whole book. This is an idea that I have never heard or read before and I found it really interesting. And now that I have read it this way I find it hard to imagine how else he could of done it and still keep it the same quality. There are little snippets every now and then where one of them will jump in when the other is speaking to make a comment and I really like this as it gave you the real idea that they where brother and sister and they did in fact argue even after everything that they had been through.

The way in which everything is described in this book is fantastic, from the Brooklyn mansion to the London museum which they almost blow up. I was able to imagine every part of it without ever single a picture of what it looked like, I have looked it up since reading and what I imagined is pretty close to what I saw on the picture which just show you how much of an amazing author Rick Riodran really is.

So if you find mythology interesting and  like a cool story to help explain some of the myths then this book is perfect for you, even if not still give it a read as it is simply amazing. I tried my hardest to find some flaws with this book but I simply couldn’t.

Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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