The Kane Chronicles – The Serpents Shadow by Rick Riordan Review

So we have come to the final book in the trilogy and by god it has got some standards to live up to with the first 2 books being amazing I wonder how good the book that ties up all the loose ends will be well let’s find out.


So after saving the world, for the time being and the god of chaos been put back slightly deeper into the duat it is now time for Carter and Sadie to find a way to get rid of him for good and the only way to do that is to find part of his soul and destroy it. But seeing how no one knows his true name but someone does know the place of his shadow that can be used, the problem is the person who knows is a crazy psychopath who is about to be sentence and have his soul eaten so it is up to carter and Sadie to stop this from happening.

My opinion

So did the book live up to my expectations, yes it did but only just. There is everything that I loved from this series so far, lots of action, lots of gods and more powers and everything that was written in this book was simply amazing and I can’t fault a single thing written.

I loved the development with the two main characters and their love life’s, carter being in love with a girl who at first was a shabti and then doesn’t really know who he is when she wakes up. Then Sadie being in love with a dead man walking and the god of dead at the same time. Best part is they both feel the same way about her so it gets pretty interesting and in fact if there was just a book about this I am sure that I would enjoy that as well.

I also loved the way in which the duo discovered ways of becoming more powerful without having to join forces with the gods and have them back inside of them. They simply just need to share the same feelings and BOOM powerful humans.

The part I was disappointed with was the ending, as it is only a trilogy with a few side books where Percy Jackson meets Carter but they don’t have anything to do with the story. I was expecting something more maybe a way in everything doesn’t seem to end perfectly for them. As that is what seems to happen as Sadie gets the boy carter get the girl and no more threats to the earth except the occasional rouge wizard and demon. That to me was just a bit boring and would like it to end slightly different.

The major battle scene was amazing everything about it was written fantastically and allowed me to imagine what exactly was happening in the first Nome right underneath the sphinx. And I also love the fact that just randomly there was penguins chasing wizards that part actually made me laugh.

So yes this book is a good way to end a trilogy but I wished something else happened in the end but what can you do. I give this book an 8/10 and do recommend that people read the series.

Anyway I have been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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