Civil War Review

Civil War Review

So with the civil war movie coming soon and me being a big marvel fan I wanted to know what the movie was going to be about and while I was scrolling through the graphic novels in my local Waterstones I saw this for about £11 so I picked it up.


After a group of super heroes who are preforming for a tv show go after some major super villains and because they were outclassed they lost and not only did they lose they also caused a lot of people to die including a bus load of children. This causes the public to become very scared of super heroes and demands that they become registered and trained. This causes some stir with the heroes and causes a spilt between them with some people agreeing with the registrion and other being totally against it. There are two big heroes on either side with iron man being for and captain America being against. This starts a war,  a civil war between the heroes.

My opinion

So this book is a graphic novel/comic book I don’t really know but what I do know is that the pictures in this book are pretty amazing and because it makes the reading of the book so much easier. The first time reading a comic book was about 6 years ago and the pictures sucked and because of it I never actually finished it, I cant even remember what the name of the book was. It was about a year ago when I started reading the batman new 52 comic book series and loved so im still carrying it on. For me if a graphic novel has good quality pictures that look amazing then boom you have got yourself a reader in me.

The story itself is great as well, this is because it shows you just what some heroes find important in their lives, for iron man it is the fact that he keeps the world safe and make sure that the general public safe. While captain America is for all those things as well he doesn’t want to be recognised for it though. There is one thing about the story that I didn’t like and that is the way that it end of all a sudden. It just captain America realising he was fighting for the wrong reason takes his mask of and gets arrested. This all happens in 2 pages and it kinda of left a bad taste in my mouth with the book.

As there is pictures it doesn’t require you to imagine what everything is like and what all the heroes look like as it shows you. Because of this it is a pretty quick read taking round about 30-45 mins depending on how fast you can read and take in the pictures. I do have to say I read the first 40 pages then stopped for a few weeks. I don’t know what it is about it but I couldn’t finish at that day so I re read the pages and started again and I almost felt like I had to force myself to read on, which is something I don’t normally do with books but meh.

Overall I give this book about a 6/10 and I think im still being slightly unfair but I am a marvel lover so I wont be going any lower then that.

If you want to buy Civil War then here is a link to buy it is on amazon  : Civil War

Anyway I have been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.


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