Percy Jackson and the lightning thief by Rick Riordan review

So after reading the Kane chronicles I thought it was time to re-read the Percy Jackson series and I have just finished the lightning thief so it is time for a review.


Percy Jackson is a boy that always thought he just had terrible luck especially when coming to schools as he was kicked out of 6 schools in 6 years. Turns out that he is part god and the reason for all his bad luck is that monster are coming after him and are trying to kill him. After seeing his mother get squashed by a Minotaur it is up to Percy Jackson Annabeth and Grover to not only find the master bolt that is Zeus signature weapon. But also return it to the god himself within 10 days.

My opinion

Being 19 this book is 7 years below the reading age I should be at, but even still this book is still pretty amazing and I first read it when I was 14 so I have happy memories of reading it in the day. Like all of rick riodran book it is written amazingly, it has got a lot of amazing facts about the Greek mythology and I simply love it. I have mentioned in a different review that if it was at all possible I would be studying mythology as my degree instead of computing games programming but no university I wanted to study at does so.

I love the way that he managed to take an ancient society and bring it into the 21st centuries by making it seem the reason why the Greeks no longer worship these gods are because they are no longer the most powerful nation on the planet. This is a really interesting idea and it is one that I can see becoming very interesting in the later books.

Another part of the books I enjoy is that apparently all of the most successful people in the plaent are in fact demi gods and that is the reason why they do so well. It gives them a reason to why they are different from all the normal people.

The way in which everything is described in this book is pretty good, as I live in britian I have never been to America and it was pretty easy for me to imagine the sceneary of the places they where and the places that don’t actually exist such as the underworld was describe in such detail. That I can imagine that hades thrones was in fact made of humans bones and just how scary it would be to see.

I do have one complaint though and it is just that I wish the books where aimed at a slightly older audience. It is pretty clear that this book is set of young teenages because even though it goes into the volience in a lot of detail it doesn’t swear which I find strange but I really cant imagine sitting with the god of war. Who makes everyone angry and not telling him to fuck off.

Anyway this book is an amazing read and I would say that if you want to class yourself as a reader then this book is up there with the harry potters of a must read, this book gets a 8/10.

Anyway I have ben Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time

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