Percy Jackson and The Sea of Monsters Book by Rick Riordan review

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Second book in the Percy Jackson series and I am loving reading through this series now more than ever.


Percy has been having nightmares about his best friend Grover who has been missing for some time and hasn’t been in touch for some time, turns out that Percy’s nightmare about Grover are actually true. As the last night grove saw Percy he placed an empathy link on him so that they could always know where the other person is. Not only has Grover gone missing but also the tree that has been protecting Camp Half Blood from monsters has been poisoned and no one knows how to cure the tree and help protect the camp. There is only one solution to this and that is to find the legendary Golden Fleece that has not been seen thousands of years, this means at camp a quest is needed. But because the tree has been poisoned it means that charion hasn’t done his job and has been fired, this means a replacement was brought in. Too bad he hates Percy and allowed Clarisse to go on the quest instead of him. But even if Clarisse find the fleece Grover is still missing so Percy, Annabeth and Tyson set of on their own and try and find him.

My opinion

A lot of sequels in a series are let downs, not as good as the first only and are only there to make the story longer. Luckily for us The Sea of Monsters is not one of those books, I really enjoyed the story in this. I really enjoyed the fact that Percy was about to use his powers of being the son of the sea god to the full affect and even find out that he had a few powers that he didn’t know he had, such as being able to say one word and have a whole pirate ship start to work in a matter of seconds, when normally a crew of 20 would take hours.

During this read you will come across more Greek monster that a lot of people only thought existed in myths and legends. Some examples of the monsters are, a hydra which is connected to a doughnut store, Scylla who likes to catch people with her tongue and Charybdis who likes to suck people in using a whirlpool. So as you can see there is going to be a lot of action to read about in this book.

Speaking of action, there are a lot of swords fights in this book and some of them can be quite graphic but yet again as this book is classed as a children book there is no swearing, this is something that I still find hard to see, if I was about to get eaten by Scylla then I am pretty sure I would be swearing instead of trying to stab her in the tongue.

The relationship between Percy and Annabeth seems to start to develop more in this book, I do know how the series ends but it is upon re reading through this  series that I have started to notice some signs that I had originally missed through my first read through. You can see that Percy really cares about Annabeth that he is prepared to risk his own life in order to save her, and it is the same the other way around as well. This is noticed right near the beginning when Percy is about to leave the camp and it is Annabeth who is trying to find him and when she does find him then she doesn’t even think about it and goes with him.

Overall this book is pretty great, lots of action, lots of mythological beast and one long quest with a few twists and turns. So basically there is nothing bad about this book and you should read it.


Anyway this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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