Percy Jackson and the Titians Curse by Rick Riordan Review

We are now into the third book of the series and I am really excited to read the final 2 books. After I have finished the series I might go straight into the follow up series.


So after Thalia falls out of the tree which her father made her into just before she died, she, Percy and Annabeth are about to help out Grover who has found 2 new half-bloods who smell really powerful and even better is that they are brother and sister. So after trying to escape a monster who was after the two new half-bloods a new group is shown to the heroes. They are called the hunters and are a group of girls between 12 and 16 and follow the god Artemis around and pledge to never have feelings towards boys. That is when Artemis disappears to find an evil monster that people have forgotten about and Annabeth went over a cliff with the monster they were battling.

This means that a quest is needed, but not to find Annabeth but to find Artemis. So when Percy isn’t chosen to go on the quest as it is the hunters who are going and they don’t like boys he decides to follow them using blackjack. After warning the hunters, thalia and Grover (who technically isn’t a boy but part goat so is allowed to, I was confused to) that Luke is sending a monster after them, Percy has now joined there quest but unlike the 4 others he is only concerned about one thing and that is finding Annabeth

My opinion

Now if this book isn’t the start of some major love story then I don’t know what is, I would rather read about the relationship between Percy and Annabeth over any twilight nonsense any day of the week. If this doesn’t show you just how much Annabeth means to Percy then nothing will. For an author that is mainly focused on mythological creatures he sure can right a love interest pretty damn well.

So as you could probably guess this is probably my favourite book in the series so far, this is because it brings together basically everyone who is important in the series. This means that we get some further insight with Thalia, we find out what the hunters are like and what makes them hate boys. We even find out a lot about Zoe and who her father is and why she decided to join the hunters. Also in this book is the first real death of the series, I say real because I don’t actually count Percy mum as dying as she was just taken to the underworld by Hades to try and persuade Percy to give back what was his. And well monsters don’t technically die they do come back just takes some time. This death also is the reason why they now happens to be a huge crack in the floor at camp.

We also get to discover what it is like to be the daughter of the king of the gods and the son of the god of dead people, so you know a lot of cheery stuff is going to happen here. Nico is not only upset that his sister decided not to stay with him and instead join the hunters so that she could be free for once. But then when she dies, he blames Percy for it because he promised he would try his best to look after her.

So to be able to write about all that and more with new monsters that haven’t been introduced and writing about the way they look in a lot of detail making almost impossible not to imagine what they look like, that is some amazing talent. Rick Riordan did an amazing job in being able to write about so much in a book that has less then 320 pages. I loved this book and I loved reading about the newest adventure percy was on, and it is making me want to stop writing this review and go straight into the next book sooooooo that is exactly what I am going to do.

Read this book for a great experience regarding Greek Myths and a little bit of a love story.

Buy Titans Curse Here

Anwyay this has been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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