Our Last Night – A World Divided Review

So I know this is something new and I have never done something like this before but it is something I feel like I should write about. A few weeks ago I was going through a big of an Our Last Night phase and wanted to listen and watch all their music videos. It was during this phase that I kind of listened to the same song again and again, the song was called A World Divided. The lyrics in this song are amazing but the thing that got to me the most was the music video.

The video just has 3 characters, they are a little girl playing with a doll, her father reading the newspaper and an artist who is covered in tattoos. During the video the girl wants to go over to the artist and talk to him, but her father stops her. The reason why she is stopped is because of the way that the artist looks and the father thinks that he is going to be dangerous because he is covered in tattoos. It is not until the end of the video where the real message of the video comes to life. The artist gets a phone call, and judging from his reaction someone he is close to and he breaks down and starts to cry. It is at this moment that the father realises that the artist is like every other person and allows his daughter to go over the line and comfort him. After a few seconds even the father goes over and trys to help.

The reason why I believe this to be one of the best music videos I have ever watched is because of the meaning behind and it is very hard to find something like this on mainstream music. It just shows you that people shouldn’t be judged on the way they look but should be judged on their actions. This is just from personal experience but I have found that it is the people who are covered in tattoos who seem to be the nicer people and the people who follow religion are the judgemental ones. However that is not all people who follow region as I have a great aunty who is very religious and she knows I have tattoos and she isn’t bothered by it and doesn’t judge me any differently.

I have left the video above so you can judge the meaning for yourself, and after you have done so come back and comment saying what you thought.

Anyway I have been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.



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