MGK – A Little More – Video Review

So after doing my review of Our Last Night – World Divided a few days ago and really enjoying writing it I decided I’m going to be make this a regular thing where I go and find music videos I really enjoy have think they have a really good message in and review them. So the next one I have found is MGK’S A little more so here is my review of it.

This music video is powerful, if you watch it and actually take in everything about. That includes the lyrics and everything you see on screen it is almost impossible to miss the message. I showed my friend the video and after one viewing she could see the message.

We start the video of with MGK getting ready in a first person view, and follow him through his house and street where he is walking towards his friend’s house. During that walk we come across one of my favourite lines of the songs, the line is ‘I wish I could let the world know that it is okay to let the pain show’. This line really makes me think about all the people who don’t like to show their feelings or keep any feelings they do have locked up as they don’t wait to put their problems on someone else. It is probably the worst thing a person can do to themselves as it will start to eat them up on the inside till it either comes out in one big sprout or something a lot worse.

In this video the a lot worse is shown, as when MGK goes into his friend house he finds his friend looking at her phone, on her phone are 3 messages and those messages are:

‘NO ONE will ever think you’re beautiful’


‘go kill yourself WHORE’

And after reading the last message she does exactly what it says and cuts her wrist upwards so she splits the main artery. When MGK finds her, he carries her outside into the middle of the road shouting for help. This is when a group of people from different houses on the streets come out and see if they can help, so MGK shouts at them telling them to call an ambulance. When they get their phones out you would automatically think that they are going to call the ambulance that was asked for, but nope they all get their phones out so they can record what has happened.

And this is the true meaning of the video in my opinion; to me the video seems to be making fun of modern society exceptionally the latest 2 maybe 3 generations. As it shows you just how much we all care about things that don’t even matte, let’s take the people who were recording the people dying they cared more about recording the death and probably uploading it onto a social media outlet then calling an ambulance and maybe have a chance of saving that girls life. So to those people may be getting a few likes and comments on some pointless status update is more important than a person life. But then there is the reason why the girl even killed herself in the first place, she was getting what looked like cyberbullying and it had affected her in a bad way. Some person thought in their heads that it would be a good idea to tell a girl that she was ugly, no one would ever think she is beautiful and she was a whore and she should go and kill herself. This is another horrible thing about modern society just because we don’t like a way a person looks we think it is up to us that we tell them that and make them feel horrible about who they are.

Finally, my favourite lyric in the song ‘I wish I could let the world know that it is okay to let the pain show’. If a person is to let out what they are truly feeling about themselves/a person/or anything in general then unless they are telling the right person they are either not listened to or told to shut up. If this happens to many times then a person is going to start keeping everything that they feel inside instead of telling someone about it. If someone keeps everything inside then they might start to feel like no one actually cares about them when in fact they just haven’t been hanging out with the write people and will in fact find someone who cares enough about them to listen to every problem they have got and will do anything to try and help them.

So overall the song is amazing and is well worth the listen and the music video will really make you think. Again I have left the video up at the top so if you checked it out then leave a comment below of what you thought of it and we can talk about it.

Anyway I have been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.


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