Bastion Review


Bastion is a game that I didn’t know existed until a youtuber called the completionist 100% completed it and made a video about. The game interested me from the second I saw it and new that I had to have it in my steam collection. At the time of seeing the game it was coming to the end of the month, so that means I was totally broke and couldn’t afford to buy it at the time. So when I got paid, I checked out humble bundle, an amazing website for pc gamers as they will donate money to charity every time you buy a game from there website and I saw that bastion was on sale for like £3 ($5) so I couldn’t resist and I bought it, and about another £20 worth of games.


The story is about a country that was destroyed and the survivors of the calamity are going to try and bring the world back to the way it was, they are going to do this by finding magical items called shards and place them into a monument that will allow them to grow the country little by little. At first there are only two survivors that are known to be alive and they are an old man called rusks and a young kid called kid. It is going to be up to the kid to find all the shards in different parts of the country that only house monster and he will have to kill them in order to get the shards. After collecting a few shards he will find another survivor, this guy is called zulf, but for the time being he doesn’t do anything much. It is not until another survivor is found, this time it is a girl called Zia. Not long after finding we will find Zia’s father journal which zulf reads. It turns out the zulf is an ambassador for a clan called ura. After reading the journal zulf damaged the monument and then runs off. So after collecting some more shards to try and reverse the damage that was done we find the Ura clan and fight our way through and collect the final shard that is needed. It is after retrieving this final shard that you need to make a choice, return the world back to the way it was before or keep living the way you are and fly to a different part of the world and find some more survivors.


So this game that last about 4 hours has a pretty good story that I was really surprised at while playing, and there is one feature that above all else made love this game more then I really should. The Narrator, or in other words Rusks, he basically comments on every single thing you do in the game including falling off the map or if you die. It simply makes this game amazing and actually makes you to want to play it all in one go because you don’t want the narration to stop. And when you have completed the game then you wish you could hear the narrator in your own life.

The graphical style of this game is pretty good, the area that you play on are all really vibrant and eye catching when needing to be, but in the more serious parts of the game the edge of the map seems to blur out making you focus on the kid and what is happening with the story. You have to chance to change your weapons a lot and each weapon has got its own unique design that looks fantastic and makes you want to play with each weapon at least one to see how it looks in all kinds of movements.


Dear god the music is fantastic, it has been some time since I have been able to play a game the whole way through without listening to my own music as I get bored pretty easily. But the music is Bastion is simply wow, it changes with every map and when you engage with a boss then it changes again making it almost impossible to get sick of the music.

This game handles pretty good, even for me someone who is relatively new to PC gaming, I only died a few times at the bringing of the game but that was my own fault as I fell of the map. But after getting used to the controls I found it fairly simple to go through the game and navigate the map pretty well.

I got lucky with the game price being so low but even for the orginal £10.99 price tag it is still a bargain and I would still rather play this game, with its new game + then any call of duty game which is has a similar gameplay length for £50.

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