Demon Road by Derek Landy Review

So this is the first new series that Derek Landy has wrote since skulduggery Pleasant and it promises to be more gruesome and more scary then SP, so how well does it hold up.


We are follow a 16 year old girl called Amber who lives a normal live, has a job talks online with friends and loves tv shows. The only thing that is not normal about Amber is her parents, they are demons. At the time Amber didn’t know anything about this, she just thought her parents where really weird and people were scared of them because of how powerful they were. It is not until Amber is followed by some customers who were really rude to her that she finds out the truth about her parents, they want to eat her. Her parents have got 4 friends who are the same as them and they all want to eat Amber, expect for one.  The reason why they want to eat amber? They need to do it to become more powerful and keep the promise they made to the shining demon. Amber is the not the first child her parents have had, they have had 2 and the others have had 2 as well. Amber is scared for her life, her parents have even resorted to drugging her so that it is easier for them to eat her, amber only has one person who can save her and that is her parents friend Imelda. So it is up to Imelda to not only get Amber away but make sure she is going to be safe from her parents forever. So amber is going to be going across the country with Milo – Imelda’s friend – making a deal with the shining demon, finding an old lost soul catcher and keeping away from vampires, serial killers and worst of all her parents. Just to make it slightly more fun for Amber it turns out she is also a demon.

My opinion

Derek Landy has been a favourite author of mine for some time, ever since I read the first skulduggery pleasant. So I had high hopes for this book, and after finding out it is going to be aimed at a slightly older audience I was so happy. I am very pleased to tell you that this book is bloody amazing; in fact I think it can rival the skulduggery pleasant series already with the first book.

In skulduggery pleasant we have Skulduggery and Valkyrie as the main characters, an immature girl who doesn’t know anything about the world she lives in and only find out who she is by accident and a skeleton who has been around for many years. He has been a good guy to bad guy to good guy again. Now let me tell you it is almost the exact same thing with Milo and Amber, Amber only found out because she almost killed someone and over heard her parents telling her friend she was going to be eaten tonight. And Milo is an ex- serial killer but has turned into a good guy to help Amber out. You might think that this will make the book seem slightly boring with the same kind of characters but let me tell you that it feels totally different and fresh even if it is the same. I never once thought while reading about Milo and Amber that this was Skulduggery and Valkyrie.

Now the part that got me interested most of all was the fact that this was going to be slightly darker then the skulduggery series and I am very happy to say that it is. In fact if it didn’t say Derek Landy on the cover then I would have thought it would have been close to a Darren Shan book. There is serial killers that go into a lot of details on how they killed there victims, Witches that kidnap there victims and kill them by growing roots through them and Demon parents that eat children.

The story was pretty good, seeing how a 16 year old girl who is part demon manages to go across country trying to avoid her parents and get to lost soul catcher. It was great to see how her character developed from the shy girl who didn’t want to hurt anyone but when she shifted into her demon form she would kill anyone that got in her way.

Overall I loved this book and everything about. To make things even better I paid slightly more money to get the platinum edition which had Derek Landy signature in it. The cover of this book is beautiful and I love everything about it. So if you want a good book to read this October or whenever then pick this up and give it a read.

You can buy the book here from amazon,

Get Demon Road Here

Anyway I have been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time

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