Magnus Chase and the Sword of summer by Rick Riordan Review

So Rick Riordans has now moved on from Roman, Greek and Egyptian gods and where has went this time, well he has went slightly north and is now writing about Norse gods. So as you can guess I have got high expectations of this book especially seeing as Rick Riordan is my favourite author.


Magnus Chase is an boy who lives on the streets of Boston after his mother died two years ago, he only has two people he can call friends and they are hearth and blitz. They are two other homeless people who are older than Magnus but they do what they can to look after him. Things change a lot on the day of his 16th birthday but probably the weirdest thing that happens to happen is that he dies. Well he dies fighting Surt a fire giant who is trying to get hold of the sword of summer that Magnus dad gave up 2000 years ago. Ooooo that’s right Magnus’s dad is the great god Freyr, of course the main character had to be a demigod. Well after fighting Surt and going over the bridge into a river, the second before Magnus dies he is taken to Valhalla thanks to a Valkyrie called Sam. From there things go bad to worse for Magnus which seems pretty hard considering he is official dead.

My opinion

First thing first, the last name Chase does that now sound familiar. Yeah that is right Magnus is related to Annabeth. I will admit it did take me a while to figure this out and even then it took Rick Riordan to say it in the book before I even realised they had the same last name.  I personally don’t know how I feel about having Annabeth in this series, as I really liked the idea about having a new set of character to think about. She is only in the book a little bit at the beginning and we end the book with her and Magnus telling each other about what their lives are like. But with Annabeth in this book then I am thinking that it might mean that Percy will get introduced which will be interesting to read about. It doesn’t say how old Annabeth is in this book but she is with her dad so it must be some time after the 4th book in the Percy Jackson series as that is when Annabeth and her dad became closer.

I have personally not read a lot about Norse gods, but I did watch the almighty Johnson’s which is a series based on Norse gods, so I know a little bit about the gods. It feels exactly how I felt when I first started reading Percy Jackson as I knew almost nothing about Greek gods either. I loved getting that feeling and when I started reading I couldn’t put the book down, literally the only time I wasn’t reading was when I was in a lecture or seminar. The amount of information that is in this book about Norse mythology is amazing and trust me when I say you’ll just want to keep reading and finding out as much information as possible so you are able to understand what might happen in the next book.

This book is in my opinion the best work that Rick Riordan has ever done, a new subject for his followers to read, this means there is going to be some really high expectations for him to hit. Well he didn’t only hit it, he smashed through them, and I loved everything about the book. The way in which he described all the mythical places such as the nine worlds, including Valhalla was fantastic and while I was reading it wouldn’t take a lot to be able to picture myself there with Magnus and all his floormates on floor 19. Then there where the people that Magnus travelled with on his quest, Sam, Blitz and Hearth. That’s right the two homeless people he where friends with before everything happened turned out to be a dwarf and an elf and they were looking after him because they were told that he would be something special. I love how blitz is a dwarf who prefers to make fashionable clothes instead of weapons. And then there is hearth that is deaf elf and is also the first mortal being to make magic his main focusing area in over 1000 years. And there is Sam a daughter of Loki, yeah the bad guy who is doing everything possible to show people she is nothing like her father.

I just love how well this book was written and I love how it is a new story with new character (even if there is one character from a different series). I really enjoy the fact that for once in a Rick Riordans book I don’t know if the main character is going to end up with someone as the three main girls character in the book are either already with someone or are there cousin so this should be an interesting series in the love department.

Anyway even if you have not read the Percy Jackson book, I would still tell you to read this book as it is simply amazing. It will introduce you to the wonderful world of mythology and Rick Riordan.

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Anyway I have been Aaron Morrsi and I’ll see you next time.

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