Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian by Rick Riordan Review

So we are finally onto the last book in the series, I started reading this series about 2 months ago and I finished it within 2 weeks but I am finally getting around to writing the final review of the final book. So how did I find the book, well I guess you’re going to have to read on to find out.


So Kronos is officially back, just he is not yet at full strength and he still requires the body of Luke to be able to get around. Right now this is the only piece of good news that Percy and the gang have got, they also know that Kronos wants to destroy Olympus brick by brick. Just to make the situation even worse Kronos has released the most hated giant, the one that took all the Gods and even a few demigods to defeat last time. So that means in order to defeat Kronos it is going to be up to Percy, Thalia and Annabeth and the rest of the demigods to make sure that Kronos and his army don’t destroy Olympics.

My Opinions

So before I even give my full opinion of this book I want to say, going from what in my opinion was the worst book in the series to in my opinion the best book in the series was so good, at first I wasn’t all that excited to start on the next book but I did it anyway to make sure I read the whole series and be able to get another series read on my tbr list.

So the reason why I loved this book so much is because it wraps everything up in such a perfect way. To make things even better PERCY AND ANNABETH FINALLY GET TOGETHER, I know I shouldn’t be as happy as I am that they finally did get together but it took 5 books and each of them almost dying so many times, im just so happy it finally happened.

But onto the actual writing of the book, majority of the book took place in new York right outside the empire state building. This is because this was the place the war of gods vs titans was going to take place, I have never been to new York and I have only seen a few pictures of the area but now because of the description that Rick Riordan gave in this final book I am pretty sure if I went today I would know where I was going and how to get to the empire state building. Let just hope I can get to the 600th floor and met the Olympians.

This book was filled with action from the start, with the amount of monsters that Percy and the rest of the demigods killed I am pretty sure hades is going to have fun coping with them all. Percy even discovered a new skill he had, he is able to create hurricanes around himself but the longer he has it around himself the more weak he becomes. Not only that but Clarisse gets the aura of Ares after she comes and almost kills half an army on her own after killing a kraken on her own again. We also find out who the spy was that has been giving Kronos and his army information on how they were planning on killing Kronos. Basically we were left with no cliff-hangers which are probably the first book I have read in a long time that has done this.

Like all other books in this series it was written amazingly and I loved the ending, overall this book was fantastic and I recommend that people keep on reading through the series and finish it with this book and trust me when I say you wont be disappointed.

Buy Percy Jackson and the Last Olympian Here

Anyway I have been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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