The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore Review

So I have finally got back to reading the series I started at the beginning of September, but what can I say there where so many good books by my favourite authors that came out I had to stop and read those, but I am finally back with the I am Number Four series. So here is my review of The Power of Six.

They caught Number One in Malaysia.
Number Two in England.
And Number Three in Kenya.
They tried to catch Number Four in Ohio . . . and failed.

I am Number Seven. And I’m ready to fight.



So after the battle in paradise where john, Sam and Six all battle mogadorains in order to survive they are on the run trying to heal there wounds. But at the same time as this another member of the Nine are trying to survive but in a different way, number seven (Marina) has been in the same place for many years now and can’t wait to leave. This is because she knows what she is meant to be doing but her Cepan has seemed too forgotten or not care anymore after a number of people denied them safety. So after Marina finds out what has happened at Paradise she knows she has to find john and whoever is with him so she can help with the war.

John, Sam and Six all want to train and find the others so that they can be together again, the problem with this they have no idea how to find the others and they have no idea where to even start, well that is until John reads Henri’s letter. It says in Henri’s letter that it was sams father that showed John and Henri’s things about the earth, after finds this out they know where they need to go, Paradise. So after being labelled as terroist and almost certainly the police and mogadorains are going to be in the area they have no other choice but to go to paradise.

So with john sam and six on there way to paradise and marina wanting to do anything to get out and help the others, this story has a lot to look forward to.

My opinion

I am writing this review literally seconds after reading the book so everything is fresh in mind, I say this because my last review happened 2 months after I had read the book .

I love the fact that there are two different points of view in this book, first from Marina’s view and then the second from John’s. To be honest I would of liked to see maybe a view point from Six or Sam, this is only because certain parts of the book would have been perfect from there viewpoints. For example when Six leaves after telling john that she likes them both, I would of loved to read about what she thinking about at that points, or maybe when sam found out what his father had done that would have been perfect to read about how he felt after reading about his father and his accomplishments. Other than that I was really happy to read through a different point of view and the only time it was at all confusing was at the beginning as until she said her name I had no idea who was talking.

The story is fantastic and I loved seeing the difference in Sam and John since the beginning of the first book, where Sam was the scared nerd who was obsessed with aliens and is now the nerd who can kick a mogadorains arse after grabbing a sword that was stuck in his leg. And John who has went from being the boy who just wanted a quiet life on earth to the Loric who will doing anything to go back to his own planet and make sure he takes his inheritance with him, even if it involes going through a mountain that if filled with over a thousand mogs. Then there is six who is a total badass from the beginning but in this book we do find out more about her past and how she became the badass we all love.

For me the best part of this book is probably the relationships between 4 characters, so bear with me here as this might get confusing.

  • John loves Sarah
  • John also has a crush on Six
  • Sarah is jealous that Six spends time with John
  • Sam has a crush on Six
  • Six has a crush on Sam
  • Six also has a crush on John
  • Sam is jealous that John spends time with Six

I have heard of a love triangle but this is just great, there is a couple of chapters in the book where this does go into some detail but even then it barely takes anything away from it being an action sci fi book with a slight love interest every now and then. If anything it acts as filler but in my opinion it is the best filler ever.

Overall this book is great and if I had to choose between the first book and this one, then this one will win by a long shot. It just so much better, knowing the characters helps as well as the introduction of 2 more members of the Nine (I mentioned one but not the other as it doesn’t happen to the end and I want people to read about it as it such a good read). I really do recommend that you read this book as it is such a good read and I barely put the book down.

Buy The Power Of Six Here

Anyway I have been Aaron Morrsi and ill see you next time.

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