Make It Indie Game Review

So it has been a while since I have written a review for a game, and you what I have really missed it. So when I have finally gotten time to play a game I thought I would have a look through my steam library and found this game called Make it Indie. Looks like I have found my new game to play, I have played it and I have completed it so here is my review.



You play as a small time game developer who has got to make the choice between working on a game or going out and doing basically anything else other than work on the game.


Seeing how most of the game is just cut scene that I am pretty sure the creator has found on the internet, there isn’t much to say on the graphics. This is because the only part that is computer generated is a circle that you have got to click on one of the four quarters that all the other circles have got. And even then they look like they have just been copied and pasted from the internet.



The music really doesn’t fit well with the rest of the game as it is to fast paced for the game, seeing how all you do is click on a circle the music is something close to a modern pop song backing track.

My opinion

THIS GAME IS FUCKING SHIT. I have never played a game worse then this and I think it is an insult to call this a game. It cost me £0.69 on steam and even then that was to fucking much, I literally completed this game in 15 minutes I don’t even mean it took me 15 minutes to finish the game I have 100% the game. I think the developer even knew how shit the game was as he included before the game even started that you can press a button and it will skip the cut scene. I just wish I could cut past ever thinking about this game again.


With a game I would expect it to be a challenge or fun or have a great story line, I bet you can guess what I am about to say next. THIS GAME HAS NONE AND DOESN’T EVEN DESERVE TO BE CALLED A GAME. I am currently doing a degree on computing games programming and in the first year. The game that other people have created on my course would blow this one out of the water and I wouldn’t be ashamed to of have spent £0.69 on the game.

It is almost as if the developer of this literally couldn’t be bothered in doing anything better, it seems he took a piece out of his own game and decided to do basically anything else but work on the game. If you don’t spend all your time on the game the message it says is that at least you had fun and your friends know who you are. If I was creating a game then FUCK MY FRIENDS IM CREATING SOMETHING AMAZING. Not send out some worthless piece of shit and hope that people buy the game.

If you want a new game for under a £1 then buy whatever you want but for the life of you DON’T BUY THIS GAME AND GIVE IT MORE MONEY THEN IT DESERVES!!!

This game gets 0/5.


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