DLC Quest Review


So possibly one of the worst things ever about gaming has got to be DLC, why make a game and make us pay even more money to get more of the game especially when the content is already in the game and you just take the wall away. But that rant is going to be for another day, DLC Quest is a game that makes fun of DLC by making it the main objective of the game.

You start of as a small man with only the ability to slide to the right, there isn’t any animations in the game as you have got to pay extra to have this abilities, lucky for us the DLC can be bought with in game coins. I will leave a few examples of the DLCs that you can buy in this game below

230050_screenshots_2013-06-28_00005 large-3-640x350

Overall the main objective of this game is to find all of the hidden DLC packages and then buy them to progress with the story. A part of the game that I really enjoy was that when you think you are about to progress with the story, you won’t be able to because you don’t have the required DLC for it, but lucky enough it is at this exact time that the DLC for the next part of the story becomes available. Because of the amount of DLC that is in this game it gives you a good reason to explore every single part of the game so that you can find all the coins so that you are able to carry on playing the game.

You would think that after a while this would become boring, but for me it didn’t, in fact it made me want to keep playing so that I could find all the DLC possible and get as much out of the game as possible.

This game is really short, especially if you didn’t get the game of the year edition and I don’t think I played more than an hour of the game and I got the good ending. I have so far played this game 3 times, twice for YouTube and once for personal use and my total time for playing is about 6 hours. I got the game of the year edition from humble bundle for £1.99 so it came with a free expansion pack.

While I was playing I didn’t notice myself not really listening to the music of the game, I would instead find myself listening to gaming remixes on youtube instead. This is because the music for me was quite boring compared to some other games I have been playing recently and it didn’t grab my attention like it should of done.

The graphical style of this game is something that has become more popular lately and it’s the 8-16 bit graphic style, it does remind me of a old SNES game that has been brought up to date with colour and music.

I do have a bad point about this game and that is just how easy it is, I am pretty sure that if I let my 4 year old cousin play it he could beat it within 2 hours. I do know that this game is meant to be a comedy style but even still it is kinda laughable just how easy this game is. I’m talking the only time I died was when I over jumped a few jumps and landed in a spike pit. The one boss battle just requires you to dodge a few throwing items and collect coin. To make matters worse with every other throw he with throw you a heart as if you didn’t move away from the items. He even sells you the DLC required to kill him.

Overall yes this game is fun and for £1.99 it is well worth the price. But it is far to short and it is far to easy, the music is pretty bad with only the comedy giving the game any good points. So with that I rate this game 5.5/10


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