Football Manger 2016 Review

So this game series is a series I have now bought every year for the last 4 years and I am simply addicted to the game. But I got this game on Christmas day this year and its just over a week later and I have poured in 45 hours of my time into the game so I kind of know my way around this game, so onto the review.



Well the good thing about this game is that you make the story in your game, it can change depending on which country you are in, what challenge you are doing or even if you are winning or losing. There is just so many different ways in which you can play this game for each save to be different which means there is hours of fun.


Well from last year, the menus look similar but there are some new features such as for the first time you are now able to actually design what your manager looks like. To make things even better if you are using any camera mode other then 2D classic then you will see your manager on the side lines of the match which is great.

As always the game has some of the lower league teams badges installed and very few face pictures, but all it takes is 2 downloads and putting the files into the right folders and you have got a great looking simulator.


There are very few parts of this game that has actual sound and they all come when you start a match, and the first sound you will most likely hear while playing is the referees whistle to start the game. But when you are not in a game then there is no sound, but this si a good thing as if there was music then any music wouldn’t seem to fit. So when I play this game I either put my Spotify on or catch up on youtube videos.

How it plays

One reason why I love this game is that you can play this game on any computing platform, even if you have an old laptop as long as it had got windows 7 you can play this game. You choose how many leagues you want in the game and half way through the game you want more leagues then all you have to do is add them.


This game for me is amazing and it is very easy to lose about 8 hours of gameplay in one day, espically if your save is gripping which sometimes mine are or sometimes not depending how it is going. I do suggest you get this game especially as you can get it for below £30 and in my opinion it is better value for money then fifa.


Game Review


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