The Danish Girl (2016) Movie Review


So I went ot the cinema recently with my best friend to see this new movie that I hadn’t heard a single thing about so I didn’t even know the movie existed. So when told that it would be the movie we were going to say I checked out the trailer and to be truthfully honest I didn’t like the look of it at all. So after seeing it, here is my review.



Einar Wegener is an amazing painter and seems to be very happy with his wife Gerda who also happens to be a artist. Unknown to Gerda, when she asks Einar to dress up as a women for a painting she is doing, she brings out a side of Einar that he has been trying to keep secret for a long time. That secret is that he is a woman in a man’s body. So after a lot of struggle for trying of find out what is wrong with him and if there is anything that can be done to help Einar/Lili with their problem. The only way in which they could find a solution is for Einar to go through the world’s first sex change operation that has never been done before.

My Opinion

As I had said above I wasn’t looking forward to this movie at all there didn’t seem to be any part of the movie that was going to interest me and now that I have watched the movie I am still not a 100% certain what I think of the movie.

For me the two main actors in this movie where amazing. The person who played Einar (Eddie Redmayne) did such an amazing job and is probably the best piece of acting you will see, I personally feel that after seeing him in the Theory of Everything here could be no better actor for the part. He played the transition of going from a man to women so well I was blown away by it. However I do think that it was the actor Alicia Vikander who played Gerda who was the better actor out of the two. The reason why I say this is because, she played the part of the wife who went through everything that was happening with Einar including being there when he first dressed up as Lili as well as seeing him go through all the mental trouble he had been going through trying to figure out what was wrong. The amount of emotion that she shown in this movie was amazing, the way she would be happy for her husband when he finally became comfortable with who he is to the way she was confused when she couldn’t have her husband back like she wanted. I am going to be very surprised if neither actor win an award for their acting in this movie as it simply blow me away.

However the part that made me not love this movie like I should is the story as for me it is something that shouldn’t of been made into a movie, if anything I think it should have been a more documentary kind of movie. I will admit that by the end of the movie I really did want everything to work for Einar/Lili to the point to where she could live her life like the normal women she wanted to be.  The ending of this movie was just so sad – my best friend Abby even cried – I was not expecting Lili to die from the surgery  as the moment when she died she seemed so happy as if nothing was wrong with the world. The story just seemed to be saying the same thing again and again and during the middle of the movie I did get bored. This is because it was just the same thing happening again and again, Einar/Lili wanted to be a women and would try and live the women life while Gurdar would go from being happy for Lili being able to paint her to when she wanted her husband back she would scream and shout at Lili just asking for Einar back which she couldn’t do. F         or me the movie only seemed to matter the first 20 minutes and the final 20 minutes as that is when things were happening and the middle 1hour and 20 minutes where just there to make the movie longer and dint add a single thing to the movie.

Overall for me this movie has amazing acting from Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander and it was some of the best acting I have ever seen. The surrounding that they were in during the movie just seemed to fit perfectly for Denmark in 1920, especially when they go and see the areas that Einar has been painting his whole life they were just amazing. However for me it was the story that let this movie down and as that is kind of the main part of a movie I understand why the movie seems to be getting quite low rating. So if you want to see Eddie Redmayne and Alicia Vikander do some of the best acting of this century then I would go and see this movie but other then that I don’t recommend it.


Acting – 95/100

Surrounding – 75/100

Story – 20/100

Overall Rating – 63.3/100


Movie review


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