Bioshock Infinite Review

So as a lot of people will know Bioshock is one of my all-time favourite game series ever, and it has been some time since I have played the latest instalment in the series so I thought why not play it again and see what I think of it all this time later.


So let’s start off with the main characters, for the first time In a Bioshock game there is more than just one main character in a game. We are introduced to Booker Dewitt and Elizabeth, even though we only play as Booker, Elizabeth is still there basically the whole game and if anything the whole story basically revolves around here. For me I think having the extra main character really adds to the game as some new parts are introduced. For example she will go around the map while you are in a middle of a fight and find items that will be helpful for you such as health packs, ammo and salts, but she doesn’t find something every time so you can’t just rely on her to make the game easy for you. So what did I think of the two new main characters? Well I loved them and in my own personal opinion I think they are the best characters that Bioshock has had in their series so far. We actually get some story revolving around them such as finding out both of their pasts so we can actually feel more about the characters. I also love the way how the characters grow to need each other and both of them depend on each other. This is shown when Elizabeth had been kidnapped and throughout the next few chapters you find out that she has been saying that Booker is coming to get her any minute now. So when you later find out that Booker is Elizabeth’s dad it just seems to fit so well and it now easy to say how they could work together so easily.


So now the villain, in my opinion his is the hardest character to get right in a Bioshock so there is a lot riding on this. So what did I think of Comstock, well I loved his story and it is probably the best one out of the three villains we have been shown, but overall I still think he is not as good as Frank Fontain. There was just something about Frank’s voice that made him see so much scarier and the way he used a specific phrase to get what he needed just was amazing. Comstock thinks he is a prophet and he can see into the future wand the only way that the future can be changed is by listening to him and changing the world as he see it.  So when the story advances especially in the last 20 minutes of the game we learn so much about Comstock and we find out who he really is and that is a different version of Booker Dewitt, but more about that in the story section.


So when people ask me about why I love the Bioshock series the first thing that I say is because the game is a piece of art. Everyone knows this by now but the first two Bioshock games are just some of the best looking game of all time, even when played on a console I still think that Bioshock beats a lot of the newer generation console games. Bioshock verse Bloodborne no competition Bioshock wins. So how does Bioshock Infinite compare to the previous instalments, well even though it is more animated I still can’t say that the game is now beautiful with the floating islands, all the amazing looking buildings I can’t help but say WOW when I am playing, even though Bioshock is still the best looking out of the series but how can you compete with underwater art??.


So the main part of Bioshock Infinite that makes it different from the other games and that is the story. For me this is the most confusing story in just about any game I have played. I can remember playing the game a few years and when the ending game around I was confused as hell and had no idea what had just happened. But now I can understand slightly more and when I did finally understand I was just WOW, the writers for this game just blow almost all of the other competition out of the water. So as I said before we have 3 main characters in which the story revolves around Booker DeWitt, Elizabeth and Comstock. So as I said above Comstock is Booker but he is a different version. So you are probably wondering how he could be a different version well, before the events of Infinite Booker got baptised and pledged to be a different man, but in different universes he became Booker Dewitt as the game follows or he becomes Comstock who wants to keep his Daughter away from Booker and use her powers for his own visions. His daughter is Elizabeth, Elizabeth has got powers to open up different parts of the word she is in that are in a different universe. She also has the power to move between different universes as well, so there is a chance that the story changes which is does on multiple occasions. So as you could probably tell if you aren’t listening to the game the whole time you are most likely going to miss something important which is what I think I did when I was younger. I just loved this story as the rei just so much they did in a game that is only 11 hours long, even though it does have the FPS genre it just blows any other game of this genre out of the water no questions asked.

So overall I love this game and I do recommended that you play it, you don’t even have to play the first two games as there is not really any connection between the three games.  It is just an amazing game with an amazing story line. I easily give this game a 10/10 and as many stars as I can throw at it.



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