Dungeon Defenders Review

Since I was quite young I have always had a soft spot for tower defences and I really do like to play them so when I saw an tower defence game that allows you to put down actually defences and then go and have a character in which you can use to fight enemies as well, well I was sold.


So who are the main characters of this game, well there are 4 but if you buy any of the DLC then the amount of playable character will increase from 4 to 12. But it is the main characters we are going to focus on here. They are called Squire, Apprentice, Huntress and Monk and each of them has got a different set of skills that make them different from each other and can change the difficulty of the game. In my playthroughs of this game I choose to be both the Apprentice and Squire and completed the game on Medium (Apprentice) and Hard (Squire) but for me it all depended on my knowledge of the game with the squire and how comfortable I was with how the game played. The main characters don’t talk and don’t have any development other than the leveling up system, to be honest the only time that you even get to know anything about the main characters is after every 4th level there will be a cut scene that will have some information about the story. So if you like playing with a lot of attack with your defences and hero then Squire is who you want to be but if you have a different style of gameplay you prefer then the characters will cover that.Crystallineintroconceptart06

There is no big villain in this game, as the only reason there are any enemies at all is because the heroes allowed an ancient force to be released causing enemies of varying difficulty to be released. However after every 4th level there is going to be a big boss battle that can be very difficult especially if you don’t notice what you weak spots are in your defence, I can’t tell you how many times I lost to a big boss but it wasn’t even the boss that beat me but the smaller enemies who destroyed my crystal. So there are three different bosses, Demon Lord, Goblin Mechs, Ancient Dragon and each one is harder than the one before it.

Story, well there really isn’t much of one. And even though I try to not mention the story in the sections beforehand I have basically said the whole story. The four heroes are messing around and knock over an old device that kept monsters in and they knock it over and it releases the monsters causing them all to come back and destroy the castle in which they live in. so there challenge is to defeat all the monsters again and make sure that the castle stays safe.

Right I like the overall characters and the story is okay but for me this game gets all of it credit because of the way it looks. I love every stage in this game, they are all unique and each level has its own way of making you have to think to use your defences to work well with the stricture of the level. With all the bright colours of the area and enemies it makes for a very attractive looking game and actually made me want to carry on playing to just see what the rest of the game looked like, and see if there were any new enemies I would be able to defeat.

So how did the gameplay, for a lot of people this is going to be a big part of whether or not they like the game, well I am very happy to say that it plays great. I did not notice a single bit of lag other than when I was playing online and that was because of my own crappy internet. I didn’t notice any glitches as I could go just about everywhere on a map and I was able to place down my towers just about anywhere as well. It was very easy to go from attacking an enemy yourself to then go and place a tower down in a certain spot you have noticed is pretty weak as all it take is a flick on the mouse roller to be able to do this or you can program a button on your keyboard to do this job for you.maxresdefault

So overall this game is very good and is really worth the low price of about £10 I paid for the game. In my opinion it is one of the best value for money games you can get. I suggest you go out right now and buy the game and try and persuade your friends to do the same and see how far you are able to go.

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