Pokémon X & Y Review

So for me I have been playing a lot of games recently and for a long time my 3DS has been neglected because of the lack of games I have been buying for it. However at the beginning of the year I spent a bit of money getting a number of new 3ds games as well as preordering a bunch of new ones. One of the games I bought, is Pokémon Y a game I have had before but I sold it a while ago. So what did I think of this game now that I am older??


Well in this game there are 2 main characters that are playable but there are 5 main characters overall all at the same age and about the same point on their journey. You can choose to be either Calem who is the male character or Serena who is the female character. With each character you can choose out of three different face designs and be able to buy a lot of different clothing and even get your hair style changed. So if you work on your character then it is very likely that it is going to be unique and you are the only one who is going to have one that looks that way. There is a bad point about these characters but this is just something that happens in every Pokémon game and that is that the main character doesn’t have their own personality as they never speak. The only use for them is so that the player can have something to use to move around the region and other than that they don’t really do anything.


So who is the enemy group this time?? Well they are called Team FLARE and they are run by Lysandre. The main goal that Team FLARE is aiming for is a beautiful and better world and if anyone who doesn’t believe in their style has got to be eliminated. For some reason I like this group, not because of what they are trying to do but because they remind me a lot of team rocket. A group that is just around because the game needs something to keep the player entertained instead of just going for the 8 badges. Lysandre is a good leader and I really like his design, too bad he is pretty easy to take down I was expecting a harder battle. The best part for me though is that everyone thought he was a good guy until he told the world of his plans.


The story in this Pokémon game is just like all the other Pokémon games out there, you a 10 year old hero is given a Pokémon and told to go and have an adventure whether that be to catch all the Pokémon or get all 8 badges. While doing this you are expected to help take down the enemy group which are trying to take over the world and you are the only one who is able to stop them. So basically nothing has changed in a Pokémon game from 1995 in the story area and to be totally honest it is starting to bore the shit out of me and I can understand why I have now traded in all my Pokémon games.


Of course this being the first Pokémon game on the 3ds it is also the best looking (Fuck you ORAS) everything is just so much brighter, everything looks more HD and less pixelated like a lot of the older Pokémon games did. The Pokémon have never looked better themselves with full 3d animation and sprites, I loved looking at bulbasaur in the original Pokémon red and then comapring it to the way the sprite looks in this game. A lot of the moves have also been changed to match with the new 3d animation, which all looks amazing especially the fire type’s moves as all the oranges and red just looks so bright especially on the better looking 3ds screen.

So how did the game play? Well this Pokémon game is the first where you are able to move anywhere on the map instead of just the four directions beforehand. So this allowed for what felt like a short travel distance of a large town so this made it feel like the game was going faster than it actually was. The Pokémon battles went great however there was a lot of lag in some of the double battles especially when the sprites where large, the lag would get so bad I am pretty sure that at some points it went down to about 10 fps.

So overall this game is good and it is perfect on the 3ds with all the bright colours and the ability to have it portable is just an added bonus but it has got the same boring story as all the other games and in my opinion it is as close to a Kanto remake we are going to have for a long time.

If you want to buy Pokemon X and Y then here is a link for you:

Pokemon X

Pokemon Y


Game Review


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